A beauty day with Amanda Campana

THEthe great success of the series Summertime it was just the stepping stone for Amanda Campana, actress, 26 years old. A natural talent who made his debut on none other than Netflix platform, incubator of new faces, even beauty. Beauty soap and water, powerful in transformations, will be soon again onscreen with the dramedy Suspicious mind Of Emiliano Corapi. In the meantime, tells us about himselfbetween a special passion, that of pole dancing, and a passion for make-up, with YSL Beauté.

24 hours of beauty with Amanda Campana

“I’m a Pisces, perpetually on the movewith the body and with the spirit. I started acting with a leap in the dark, or perhaps by luck, in 2019: I had only been enrolled for a few months at the Yvonne D’Abbraccio Studio Acting School in Milan, when I presented myself to audition for the series Netflix Summertimethen reached the third season. I liked it, and suddenly here I was, out of nowhere, on the set of a worldwide platform.

Professional growth was fast, seeing me again was the greatest test, given my hypercriticism. Then I never stopped. I acted in horror The Crypt Monster with Tobia De Angelis and in the thriller Bastards at gunpoint with Marco Bocci».

In Amanda Campana’s beauty case: YSL Beauty All Hours Foundation with a natural and radiant matte finish, infused with hyaluronic acid, with a 24H seal (49.50 euros); YSL extension Touche Éclatilluminating pen that blurs every imperfection with light (34.20 euros).

«I? I am as I present myself at auditions: soap and water. That is, with an excellent foundation, YSL All Hours Foundationsatin mat, time-tested on the set».

14.00, day time

“Soon you will see me again in action, because you are concluded the filming of the new dramedy Suspicious mind Of Emiliano Corapiwho also directed Miriam Leone in Love at home, ed -. So far I have played key roles and themes of my generation: friendship and love in the teen series, the courage and determination in thrillers… The new role is perhaps closer to me personally, girl with eyes open to the world”.

Amanda Campana for iO Woman: Photo by Francesco Romano; Makeup Andrew Troglio for YSL Beauty using All Hours Foundation; Hair Kevin d’Ambrosi for Luciano Colombo using Kérastase Elixir Ultime.

“Even my favorite trick focuses attention there. The mascara Lash Clash is now “a fundamental”. Then, a strategic shimmer shadow, just above the lid crease, with the eyeshadow Mono Satin Crush n2 Excessive Brown, to enlarge the eye. It’s a bright pink, but just dabbed on the lips, never too perfect».

From left, top: YSL Satin Crush Eyeshadow, n.2 Excessive Brownchocolate and, below, Scandalous Beigehot pink, of the ultra-writing satin eyeshadow (31 euros); YSL Lash Clash Extreme Volume Mascara, deep black, amplifies the eyelashes by 200 percent (35.10 euros); lipstick Rouge Volupté Shine n. 15 Coral Intuitives, ultra moisturizing (33 euros).

21, in the evening

“In my spare time, you find me… impaled! I discovered pole dancing two years ago and it unlocked something inside me. She’s as therapeutic as wearing my favorite red lipstick, Rouge Pur Couture The Bold 04 Revenged Red».

Amanda Campana for iO Donna: Photo by Francesco Romano; Makeup Andrea Troglio for YSL beauty using All hours foundation; Hair Kevin d’Ambrosi for Luciano Colombo using using Kérastase Elixir Ultime.

“I learned to look at the body for what it does, not how it looks. I’ve always been judgmental of myself. Also because, in this society, often as a girl the body defines you».

«I learned instead to see it as a means of doing something that makes me happy and to focus on what I’m doing without worrying about how I look while i do it. It helps me at work, in life. I also try to communicate it via social media, where I no longer need to seek approval. Maybe this is it make peace with yourself?».