A 59-euro smartphone and big iPhone discounts – Here are Black Friday’s best phone deals

The Black Friday sale event is officially celebrated on November 24, but as usual, electronics retailers have announced their offers well in advance. Here are the hottest phone offers so far.

Black Friday has traditionally been the busiest shopping day of the year. Nowadays, the event has stretched from both ends into a two-week-long consumption party.

Among the electronics retailers operating in Finland, Gigantti and Veikon Kone opened the game already on Monday morning by announcing their own offers. Tuesday night was Power’s turn, and on Thursday morning Verkkokauppa.com also revealed its own sale products.

Telecom operators have also joined the phone offer frenzy either with official Black Friday or Black Week campaigns or otherwise just by lowering the price of certain models.

Don’t fall into the trap

In any case, bargain hunters should keep a cool head when shopping and check the price of the product in a competing store as well. A certain retailer’s discount price may well be another retailer’s normal price, so a little background work pays off.

In this article, we collected the best smartphone offers so far in three different price categories. Some of the products have had an almost equally good offer in the last 30 days.

Traditionally, retailers have introduced new offers closer to the main day of the sale event. This year, Black Friday is celebrated on November 24.

The prices below were valid at the time of writing the article.

Price range: €€€

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is currently at a substantial discount at, among others, Gigant, Verkkokauppa.com, Power, Elisa, Telia and DNA. At the cheapest price, the 256-gigabyte version of Samsung’s latest flagship model can currently be had for 999 euros.

Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro 256 GB and Pro Max 128 GB, i.e. last year’s top models, can currently be found most cheaply at Power, where their prices are 1,049 euros and 1,099 euros, i.e. 150–200 euros less than most competitors. However, at the time of writing this article, not all colors are available anymore.

Among Power’s bargain handsets, there are also 14 Pro Max models with a larger storage capacity. The price of the 512 gigabyte version is 1,299 euros, and the 1 terabyte model is 1,399 euros, i.e. a couple of hundred euros less than at the next cheapest retailer.

Honor Magic5 Pro is available at several retailers at a discount of 300 euros. Telia, Elisa, DNA, Power and Verkkokauppa.com have put a price tag of 899 euros on it, among others.

Price range: €€

The Samsung Galaxy S23+ is the flagship, along with the Ultra, at a substantial discount at several retailers. For example, at Telia, Elisa, Giganti and Verkkokauppa.com, a model with 256 gigabyte storage currently costs 799 euros.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 from last year is on offer for 549 euros, which is the lowest price in the last 30 days at Telia, DNA, Giganti and Verkkokauppa.com, among others.

Gigantti and Power have also found a batch of iPhone 11 phones in their warehouses. You can now get one hundred off the price of the phone released in 2019, which means you have 389 euros left to pay at both retailers.

The price of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro has dropped by over a hundred to 249 euros at Verkkokauppa.com, Giganti and Hobby Hall, among others.

Price category: €

The most affordable smartphone with a touch screen on the market is currently the Motorola Moto E13 64 GB, which costs only 59 euros after a 30-euro discount at, among others, Gigant, Power and Telia.

There are also alternatives in the same price category, for example the Xiaomi Redmi 12C 32 GB is now 69 euros in Power.

The price of the Nokia C32, on the other hand, has dropped to 89 euros at Gigant from the manufacturer’s recommended price of 120 euros.