90-year-old former students of Huishoudschool Rozenburg still hold an annual reunion

A group of ten ladies aged around ninety has been meeting annually for decades for a reunion of domestic science school Rozenburg in Assen. Earlier they were seventeen, this weekend there are ten of them. They meet at Grandcafé Hofsteenge in Rolde.

They used to go all day long, but that is no longer possible. “We have also rented a few vans. At that time we were all still mobile. We went everywhere. Later it became more permanent places. We have also been here at Hofsteenge before. We have also been to the Stations Koffiehuis, but it’s closed now. So now we’re here again,” says Henny Bartelds (91), who also happens to live in Rolde.

They also call each other occasionally during the year. But the reunion on the third Saturday in August is the highlight. “Wonderful. We all think so. Every year we look forward to it”, says Bartelds. “We immediately said that we should not talk about illnesses and ailments, because everyone has something. You can fill an entire afternoon with that, but you shouldn’t,” she continues.

Harmtje Kremer-Huizing (89) lives in a nursing home in Assen and was brought to Rolde. “Great. I look forward to it every year. We talk about the past. About the school years and about the teachers we liked to tease. For example, we had an Indonesian teacher. She was a very special person. She wore socks with holes in them in. We called it Mosi.”

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