8 March International Women’s Day message from Kayserispor President Berna Gözbaşı!

Berna Gözbaşı, president of Yukatel Kayserispor, one of the Spor Toto Super League teams, shared a message from her social media account on the occasion of 8 March International Women’s Day.

In her message, President Berna Gözbaşı said, “When we look at our roots, the dignity of women, their role in society, their stance and position have always been an example to other nations. When we return to our roots, when we give women the value they deserve, we can become a nation that dominates the world. We will, too. In all my interviews I have stated that I am against the discrimination between men and women. I say this. Everyone who works and sets goals, whether male or female, can be beneficial to the society and achieve the success they dream of. I have been trying to show this with our Kayserispor in the last 2 years. I call out to all women from here: Just believe, there is nothing you can’t do, just ask, work, your goals and path will be right. Happy 8 March International Women’s Day.