71-year-old woman from Bergen scammed for 6,000 euros, suspect in excellent focus

A 71-year-old woman from the municipality of Bergen was scammed of a significant amount of money on January 8. That day, a so-called bank employee picks up her phone and debit card with code. You can use your debit card for payment and shopping in Alkmaar. The victim is left with damages of 6,000 euros.

The elderly woman was called around 2:30 PM on Monday, January 8. A woman tells her that she is from the bank’s special senior helpdesk. She says that a large amount of money had been transferred from the lady’s account abroad. She is also made to believe that there is a virus on her phone. The bank would also have blocked transfers.

For security, the lady had to hand over her bank card and PIN code. That same day, someone is at her door to pick it up, just like her phone. This should be read to determine exactly which virus has been installed.

6,000 euros

All that is not true. No bank fraud has been committed and there are no viruses on the victim’s phone. But the scammer talks the woman into going along with this story.

Payments and debit card payments were made both in an electronics store on Noorderkade and at an ATM on Langestraat in Alkmaar. In total, more than 6,000 euros were stolen.

The suspect is clearly visible in the images above. The suspicious woman has a light complexion, has long, black curly hair, long eyelashes and long nails. She is wearing a dark-colored coat with a fur collar from the Canada Goose brand.

Do you recognize the suspicious woman?

Call the police 0800-6070.

You can do this anonymously via 0800-7000 or go to meldmisdaadanoniem.nl.

Broadcasting Agency NH

Images of the suspect can be seen live on TV at Bureau NH on Wednesday at 5:10 PM.