60 million euros in energy support for residential care centers, but the daily price will still rise: “Personnel, food and maintenance have become even more expensive than gas. We can’t do anything else”

30 million euros, or the equivalent of 1 euro per recognized bed per day: that is the energy support that the residential care centers will receive this year, the Flemish government decided. There will be another such subsidy in 2023. According to the sector, this is insufficient and the room rate of about 60 euros per day will still rise. “Food has become 35% more expensive since 2020, maintenance 31% and personnel 25%,” says CEO Johan Staes of the Flemish Independent Care Network (Vlozo). “Residential care centers have no choice but to pass on these increased prices in the daily prices of the residents, although many care companies are doing their best to keep price increases to a minimum.”