6 debacle – That’s what Darmstadt’s coach Lieberknecht says

The “Lilien” experienced a dark day against Augsburg. After the game, Torsten Lieberknecht talks about the performance – and holds his team emotionally responsible.

Torsten Lieberknecht made an urgent appeal to his players after Darmstadt 98’s 6-0 debacle against FC Augsburg. “No matter how the season continues, we have to defend ourselves with our heads held high. We didn’t do that today in the way we had planned,” said the coach of the bottom team in the Bundesliga on Saturday.

Despite all the disappointment, Lieberknecht wants to continue to fight with all his energy against the threatened relegation of the newcomer. “We are all shocked by the outcome of this game. But I want to protect my players because I know that such things can happen and I will continue to stand up for the team,” said the 50-year-old.

After the game, the lead singer of the Darmstadt Ultras also addressed the team. The powerful speech can be seen in the recordings – symbolic of the club’s situation.

Darmstadt’s president Rüdiger Fritsch described the 90 minutes as a “nightmare”, but also expects a reaction from the team. “We will not voluntarily lower our flags and we will not deregister,” said Fritsch.

Although the Hessians are still at the bottom with only 13 points and the gap to the saving bank is twelve points, goalkeeper Marcel Schuhen has not yet given up hope of staying in the league. “For us it was a slap in the face that hurts brutally. But it continues. I believe in it,” he said.