500 fans from Greece: Basketball Eurocup: Ulm loses to Thessaloniki

As of: January 31, 2024 9:33 p.m

Ratiopharm Ulm lost its home game in the Eurocup against Aris Thessaloniki 66:86. Around 500 guest fans created a great atmosphere in the Neu-Ulm Arena.

With a home win against Thessaloniki, ratiopharm Ulm could have secured home rights in the Eurocup round of 16. However, the guests brought more energy to the Neu-Ulm Arena, on the floor and in the stands.

“Away game” in the ratiopharm Arena

The game in the Neu-Ulmer Arena begins – loudly. And it stays that way until the end. Around 500 Aris Thessaloniki fans create a very special atmosphere in the hall this evening. They support their team with never-ending chants. Ratiopharm Ulm seems to feel comfortable in this away game. Coach Anton Gavel’s team is coming into the game well. The team plays basketball with a lot of energy right from the start. The Greeks, who are actually known for their good defense, often come a step too late. But they get back to it by the quarter break. This high-speed quarter ends with a narrow lead for Ulm (26:23).

On and off the floor with more energy: Aris Thessaloniki (here against Trevion Williams)

Thessaloniki is running hot

Ulm doesn’t get off to a good start in the second quarter. The clear moves are missing. The ball no longer flows so well from player to player. Aris has apparently adjusted better to the Ulm game. There was no basket for Ulm for two and a half minutes. Anton Gavel takes a break. But even after that, Ulm didn’t come up with any easy baskets. Aris now plays with more physicality. “Jingle Bells” in Greek comes from the visiting fan block. The fifth-placed team in Greece’s first league dominates the game in this phase. The 49-40 break lead for Thessaloniki is deserved.

Only eight Ulm points in the third quarter

Ulm scored the first points in the second half. However, the first few minutes clearly belong to the guests. Anton Gavel is particularly dissatisfied with his team’s defense. Baskets come too easily for the Greeks, even from beyond the three-point line. After half of the third quarter, the guests had a 21-point lead (46:67). Almost nothing comes together in the Ulm attack. The singing continues happily in the guest block. No wonder, the away win is practically certain before the final quarter (48:71).

Poor hit rate prevents comeback

At the beginning of the last quarter it looks like Ulm will catch up again. But Ulm’s hit rate this evening is too bad for a really big comeback. The game continues until the final siren sounds. In the end, Ulm’s home defeat was clear in what felt like an away game (66:86).

“In a sign of appreciation”

Ratiopharm Ulm titled the game “In the Sign of Appreciation”. The association has given out more than 2,000 free tickets to healthcare workers. However, the approximately 500 guest fans in the Neu-Ulm Arena were significantly louder. They celebrated their team well after the game. Contrary to some fears, everything remained peaceful in the hall. The police had declared the game a high-risk game in advance and accompanied the game with a large number of personnel.

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