September has started warm, and not only at a meteorological level. Also gastronomic. As is becoming usual, the openings of new (and good!) restaurants in Barcelona that you cannot miss They set a hectic agenda. And the course has only just started! Take note… and take advantage.

    1. Unforeseen

    They met at Romain Fornell’s Caelis restaurant, they are three Italians and one Ecuadorian, two chefs, a waitress and a sommelier: the four of them, Isabella Vivarelli, Alberto Jaime León, Luca Pinna and Raffaele D’Avico, have created an Unexpected restaurant with attractive and suggestive dishes, a wine list with intention and a smiling and efficient service. Here we explain everything about Unforeseen.

    2. Bar Rome

    Gala Masetti and Jordi Saavedra come from the ‘Adrià school’ and have debuted as owners with a formidable sandwich bar. these new-old bars, rescued by cooks with gastro power and who do not want to get tangled up in the complexities of big game hunting. Very short menu, with emphasis on sandwiches, and with the desire to open a line of plates or dishes, although space and machinery limits them. To prepare the steamed ‘brioches’ -for the ironing of truffles and jowls- they have had to rent space in a workshop. Here we tell you more extensively what Bar Roma is like.

    3. Can Calopa

    In the middle of the 8,300 hectares of wooded thicket of Collserola, a peculiarity: the Can Calopa de Dalt farmhouse, a wine project with social roots. And yet another peculiarity: for 20 years they have been making the only Barcelona wine there, labeled as Vinyes de Barcelona, ​​on land owned by the city council. And a third characteristic: at La Vinoteca de Can Calopa you eat and drink well, at ease and with views and commitment. This was the visit of Pau Arenós to Can Calopa.

    4. Urgell London

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    Corner as the name indicates, the Urgell London is owned by Santi Olivella, a veteran of the Barcelona restaurant industry, who defended Cata 1.81 at the beginning of the century, a square now occupied by the Haddock restaurant, and where the macaroni with white chocolate and sobrassada became famous. . Here we tell you how they have updated this dish prepared by chef Moussa el Yamlahi, born in Tangier, who has never tasted pork. Welcome to Urgell London.

    5. Anita’s

    Located in the enormous Plaza de la Rosa dels Vents, under the Hotel W, this pleasant beach bar-cabin serves the most fashionable street food dishes at almost any time of the day. In this chronicle we explain the most outstanding dishes of Anita’s (spoiler: their ‘smashed burgers’ compete to be the best in the city).