3rd league: setback for Sandhausen – home defeat against Münster

As of: September 16, 2023 4:10 p.m

SV Sandhausen lost a home game for the first time this season. The Electoral Palatinate were defeated by Prussia in Münster. A bitter setback for the SVS’s promotion ambitions.

After a rather mediocre start with seven points from five games, SV Sandhausen really wanted to get three points in the home game against Preußen Münster after the international break. However, the Electoral Palatinate team did not live up to their role as favorites and lost 0:2 (0:1) against newly promoted Preußen Münster after a mixed performance.

SV Sandhausen with a good start

The initial phase of the game belonged to the favored hosts. As early as the 4th minute of the game, the goal music sounded in the Hardtwald stadium. After a beautiful cross from captain Dennis Diekmeier, striker David Otto headed the ball into the goal. However, the linesman immediately raised the flag and the referee team ruled it offside. SVS was also the better team in the following minutes, but did not score a goal. The most dangerous action was a long-range shot from Rouwen Hennings (13th).

As the first half progressed, the relegated team from the second division began to lose ground, which meant that the guests from Münster came into the game better. After a corner kick shortly before half-time, North Rhine-Westphalia even took the lead. The almost 1.90 meter tall defender Niko Koulis rose higher than all the Sandhäuser and headed in from five meters to make it 0-1 (41st).

Lots of chances but no goals in the second half

After the restart, a similar picture emerged as at the beginning of the game. The Electoral Palatinate were the better and more active team. After a good three minutes – just like in the first half – the Sandhäuser goal music sounded for the second time. After a long through ball from his own half, Abu-Bekir El-Zein ran alone towards Münster’s goalkeeper Maximilian Schulze Niehues and tunneled through him (49′). The ball rolled into the net, but the goal was immediately withdrawn due to an offside position.

Afterwards an open game developed with chances on both sides. The newcomer from Münster repeatedly posed danger from the strong Malik Batmaz (56th and 62nd). After a good hour, the SVS increased the pressure forward and came close to the equalizer several times. First, substitute Tim Maciejewski was denied by Münster goalkeeper Schulze Niehues (65′). In the 76th minute, Livan Burcu, who was also substituted, shot just over the crossbar.

In the final phase, the Electoral Palatinate increased the pressure again. After a corner, goalkeeper Schulze Niehues scratched a dangerous ball off the line (86th). In the end it was the guests from Münster who finally scored the goal. Shortly before the final whistle, Yassine Bouchama scored the decisive goal from a corner to make the final score 2-0 (90+8).