2nd Bundesliga: KSC boss Becker calls for new vote on DFL investor

As of: February 19, 2024 8:29 p.m

Football fans across Germany have been protesting against a DFL investor for weeks – including in Karlsruhe. That’s why KSC managing director Michael Becker is calling for a new vote.

SWR Sport: In your opinion, what needs to happen to prevent a complete escalation?

Michael Becker: I think the situation that we saw again at the weekend is unsatisfactory for everyone involved. And a solution should be found as quickly as possible. And of course it is important that communication takes place at eye level. You have to involve everyone in order to find a solution that suits all sides.

SWR Sport: Many fans and clubs are calling for a new vote in the DFL on the entry of an investor, what is the position of the KSC?

Becker: We also join other clubs in calling for a new vote on this issue. This is particularly justified because the last vote in December simply left doubts as to whether it was carried out correctly and whether there was a 50+1 violation in Hanover.

SWR Sport: What do you expect or hope for from the DFL now?

Becker: Overall, 1. FC Cologne is preparing an application. It should be delivered this week and we would then agree to that. And then there should be a new vote. It is important to us that this vote also takes place openly, but that it must again be a two-thirds majority for an investor to join.

SWR Sport: What do you hear from the team? How annoyed are players and coaches that games are regularly interrupted?

Becker: I think that’s not nice for everyone involved. Not for the spectators, not for the players. But we understand the protest. But in the end, a solution must now be found so that it doesn’t become a permanent situation.

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