2nd Bundesliga: After riots – Eintracht Braunschweig takes action

As of: February 27, 2024 8:18 p.m

After the riots in the second division game against Hertha BSC last Saturday with several injuries, Eintracht Braunschweig announced its first measures and apologized for its own mistakes.

Among other things, some Berlin Hertha supporters received tickets for the home fans’ area. The consequences were arguments shortly before the end of the game between supporters of both clubs in the north curve, the club wrote in a statement on Tuesday evening.

“We note in advance that we did not achieve the goals and quality standards we had set ourselves with regard to the separation of home and away fans on this matchday, and we would like to apologize to our fans for this,” the club said.

Fewer guest fans at the Rostock game on March 8th

For the next home game on March 8th against Hansa Rostock, measures should be taken “to significantly minimize the number of away fans in the area of ​​the north curve and to ensure better fan separation.” In addition, structural and infrastructural changes would be made in the north curve.

The club also appealed to its fans not to allow themselves to be provoked by visiting supporters. Eintracht fans should also be careful about who they pass on tickets to if they have bought them for supporters of the opposing club.

Several people were injured in the riots. However, the representations of the police, the club and fan representatives differed in some points.

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