The radio station Radio Eins from the RBB is celebrating a big anniversary this year: it is 25 years old, remains true to its motto “For adults only” and maintains its reputation of playing music outside of the mainstream and only playing certain timbres. The buzz increased on Friday: The Beatsteaks, Bilderbuch, Danger Dan, Cari Cari and Kitty, Daisy & Lewis performed in the Waldbühne in Berlin in honor of Radio Eins. Our photographer Erik Lorenz was there, brought pictures and the following impressions:

    “Was very nice! All moderators of Radio Eins were allowed to moderate the shows of the artists. There were various anecdotes or even a little show by Dr. Pop in the renovation break. Cari Cari started with the first concert. This was followed by Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, who were flown in specially from London. Bilderbuch, who were supposed to play 4x as a supporting act in the Waldbühne within two weeks, really heated up the audience. Before it got quieter again with the Radio Eins favorite Danger Dan. Together with a string quartet he played the songs from his solo album on a small piano. A special feature was a cover of a Jewish musician from the pre-war period, whose sheet music and recordings were destroyed by the Nazis, but he was able to find them again and thus play them for the audience. This goosebump moment could only be topped by the Radio Eins hit of the year “Alles von der Kunstfreiheit covered”. Finally, Radio Eins & the Beatsteaks shared their living room. Unfortunately it was pouring rain, which didn’t bother the Beatsteaks and the audience. In the usual manner, they duly demolished the living room and the 25th birthday.”