23J ELECTIONS | Calvo rejects a “broad front” with Sumar: “We are the PSOE”

06/02/2023 at 12:34


The socialist leader has also described the electoral advance as “timely”

Former Vice President of the Government Carmen Calvo has rejected the idea of ​​forming a “broad front” with Add to win the general elections on July 23, ensuring that it is not his party’s business if the political project of Vice President Yolanda Díaz and Podemos reach a unity agreement.

we are the PSOE”, the socialist leader has expressed in statements in Congress, collected by Europa Pres, in which she has assured that her party is a formation “of majorities” and that with the current composition of United We Can in Congress “not even “They complete the absolute majority to those of Pedro Sánchez.

He has insisted that the political space of the left to the left of the PSOE knows “very well the mistakes they make“, expressing his desire that they not commit them again and advising Sumar and Podemos to be “in their objectives”. In this sense, he has declared that from the PSOE they feel very recognized and grateful that the Spanish look at the formation ” with always very high expectations.

The electoral advance, “timely”

Calvo has considered the advancement of the general elections announced on Tuesday by Pedro Sánchez “timely” and has ruled out that the holding of elections on July 23 is “an express call”, noting that it is only a few months away from the end of the legislature. “I think the president has made a very democratic and very timely use after the result of May 28″, added the socialist leader, maintaining that the decision is “constitutional and completely normal in politics”.

retrogression of rights

Asked about the imminence of possible pacts between PP and vox in municipalities and autonomous communities after the elections on May 28, the former socialist vice president has agreed that there is a “threat of totalitarianism“.

According to Calvo, this alert, which in Spain “is not a novelty”, has been seen in countries like the United States, Brazil and in some States of the European Union. In all of them, according to the PSOE leader, “women’s rights have gone backwards” to the point of questioning the right to abortion.

“It is that we are seeing it, it is that this is not a gratuitous statement about the Spanish political reality, it is that it is a reality. It is a reality that has happened in tremendous fright“, he snapped, pointing out that this “threat” has come back to question democracy.

For this reason, he has made a appeal to left and right to play with “respect” and reduce “radicalities to a minimum”. “Here it is a question of whether we are capable of asserting ourselves in democracy,” she added.

Criticism of the PP

The former vice president has criticized the PP for describing the government during this legislature as “illegitimate” and “squatter”. For this reason, she has accused the formation led by Alberto Núñez Feijóo of following “the old history of the Spanish right that, when it does not govern, the rules of the game are very difficult for it to accept.”

On the contrary, according to Calvo, the PSOE has raised salaries, has raised pensions, has carried out a labor reform and has done a “job to protect this country in very difficult times where the PP has voted no and has never helped”. “You have to take things as incredible as the ones that have been taken for a walk in this campaign, which is what we socialists want. That politics be in the debate of what is real and what is true,” he added .