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They are probably the Germans’ favorite comedy duo from Italy: Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, the actor-film couple who conquered the hearts of local cinema and TV viewers from 1967 to 1994.

Doppelbackpfeife, Hau den Lukas, “the beans” – classics of television in the Federal Republic. The broadcaster ARD Plus also knows this and is now releasing 13 evergreen solo films and Spencer Hill comedies.

New to the ARD Plus portfolio is “Two are not to be stopped”, which was one of the most successful films of 1978 with over five million viewers, as well as “Two out of bounds” with Hill and Spencer as police officers. Plus the pirate film “Privateers of the Seas”: one of the few films in which Bud Spencer and Terence Hill don’t fight with each other, but against each other.

The solo films shown include “Banana Joe” and “Even Angels Eat Beans” by Bud Spencer and “Doc West – Nobody is Back” and “Renegade” by Terence Hill.

ARD Plus is powered by content that is no longer available in the ARD media library, i.e. contributions from 70 years of ARD TV history. The booking fee is €4.99 per month.

This is how Terence Hill found out about Bud Spencer’s death

Bud Spencer’s death in 2016 had a significant impact on the filming of My Name is Somebody – Two Fists Return, Terence Hill announced. And that’s important, even though the film would do without the big, fat, powerful friend. “Bud was still alive when I was looking for a place to shoot,” Hill said.

While he was looking for a special location, he stood in front of a house that, although good, was not the only one on the list of potential filming locations. Hill was looking for “[einem] House on a hill, like in “Psycho”.

“At that moment my cell phone rang. Bud’s son said, “My father is gone.” There I was – and then suddenly I was filled with joy. I said: This is the right place to shoot because this was where the call came at that moment.”

Dedication to Bud Spencer

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The area around Almería, Spain, was also a location for filming. “It was in this desert that I met Bud Spencer for the first time.” Many beautiful memories remained with Spencer over the years, including the scene with the complaint while eating: “You always eat more than me. And I’m fat and you always stay so thin.” The connection between the actors was so close that Hill dedicated his new film to his late colleague.

However, the friendship was not always completely painless, because the beating scenes were not always without complications: “I met others and I was also hit. Happens. You just get so close to the face.”