112 news: truck hits house • ‘shit on the marble’ on A67

About 25 people were involved in a brawl in Rijen on Tuesday evening. The quarrel arose after someone in Regentenstraat pulled a flag from a facade and walked down the street with it. A number of those involved suffered minor injuries, according to police. One fighter was taken to hospital for a check-up.

In the end, the police arrested two suspects for involvement in the brawl. It concerns men from Rijen aged 19 and 25. One of them was also found to have a number of bags of drugs with him.

The quarrel arose when someone approached the person who removed the flag from the facade. Soon there was pushing and beating on both sides. While fighting, the group of fighters, about thirteen strong, ended up in a driveway where a number of people were celebrating carnival. That group, about twelve strong, then also became embroiled in the commotion.