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In 2022, 597 people will receive an HIV diagnosis in Belgium, according to Sciensano. This is 14% more in 2021. There is a lot of information about the trekking, the current trends in the year are due to the corona crisis. Globally, it is in the last decade and is currently trending in new HIV diagnoses in Belgium. “It is, thanks to the current situation, that the HIV epidemic in Belgium is still under control.”

Bij mannen die seks hebben met mannen (MSM), for the person with the Belgian nationality, so the total aantal new HIV diagnoses in the opzichte van 2021, wararmee de neerwaartse trend van de voorgaande jaren werd hervat. The aim is to implement preventative strategies that are effective in preventing HIV treatment (PrEP).

“The success of PrEP, the medication that protects against the risk of HIV, in men who have sex with men and a positive impact on the new diagnoses, strengthens the disease in the bloodstream,” Aldus Sensoa, the Vlaams expertise center for sex gezondheid. “Knowledge of the medication, a wide range of information and a positive test of PrEP is in the center. He’s open for a while now we’re getting informed about PrEP. “We are overdue to prevent PrEP from being used, but also to protect against HIV.”

What is HIV?

HIV (Human Immunodeficiëntie Virus) is a virus that spreads to the immune system. The best manners for HIV are to have vaginal and anal sex with someone who is safe from the virus. The virus spreads into the lungs and penetrates the cells of the immune system, CD4 T-lymfocytes. These cells play a fundamental role in the protection of the infection and infection. He is momentarily geen genezing mogelijk. When people have a lot of HIV, they have something to live for. Maar with the juiste medical zorg and antiretroviral therapy can be under control.

When HIV was never treated, he suffered from AIDS (adulterated immunodeficiency syndrome). In this stage, the immune system is not in the state of health for long. Mensen met aids can steeds more opportunistic infections of other serious ciekten krijgen the zonder HIV treatment tot de dood zullen suffering.

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Maar bij MSM 20 and 29 years old, voornamelijk Belgians and Latijns-Americans, is he for the tweede years op rij aanzienlijke toename van het aantal diagnoses. The aim is to take the approach to the use of all preventive strategies in young and diverse populations to optimize the use of PrEP.

In 2022, he was diagnosed with heterosexual women with Sub-Saharan Afrikaans nationalities. This trend is coming to the fore in 2020 and 2021. Various factors can be reflected in the migration and transition of gezondheidszorg to clarify this trend. It is possible that as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, migration dynamics and the ongoing screening process will become a reality in 2022. This is a special focus on the population in strategies for HIV prevention and preventative measures with a rapid start to treatment. Of the 597 people with a new HIV diagnosis in 2022, there were 455 in Belgium who had a confirmed HIV diagnosis. One of the people of the world was an owner, a foreigner, who discovered the oorlog in the country.

Thanks to the current situation, the HIV epidemic in Belgium is still under control

An optimal treatment for people with HIV ensures a continuity of services in various stages: screening, diagnosis, surgery in the zorg, behoud van de zorg, a priori of antiretroviral treatment and the areas of a non-viral load. People with HIV have a non-detectable viral load that has a more favorable prognosis and the virus can never be overdosed on their sexual contacts, which can prevent new HIV infections. In 2022 there will be 19,230 people with HIV in Belgium. Here 97% were diagnosed, here 94% received antiretroviral treatment and 98% had a printed viral load. This means that 89% of all people in the country living with HIV have had an onderdrukte virale Lading. Belgium has announced the UNAIDS “95-95-95” deadline for 2025.

The aim is to make the science of the epidemiological situation of HIV in the country permanently open to the public and the gezondheidswerkers te informeren en om de nodige steun te verlenen in the voorbereiding van interventions and de ontwikkeling van Beleidsinitiatieven. Sciensano-onderzoekster Jessika Deblonde: “On thanks to the vooruitgang van de voorbije jaren is the HIV epidemic in Belgium not yet under control. Zo deserves the toename of the aantal diagnoses in young MSM after a devotion. This is the most important aspect of the book in the area of ​​vroegtijdige diagnosis and effective use of the complete range of prevention strategies. This is a good example of how the screening activities can be carried out in the settings in which HIV is more likely to happen, and the population of the population will be pro-active.”

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Het reduce the stigma that sticks to the HIV and reduces the taboo, can reduce the fear of the late testing
Het reduce the stigma that sticks to the HIV and reduces the taboo, can reduce the fear of the late testing © ThinkStock

This confirms also Sensoa: “The relative high cijfers of laattijdige diagnoses blijven a prayer point. It is an essential element in preventing HIV and prevents it from being treated. Door de treatment daalt de hoeveelheid virus in the blood in the mate, the ‘ondetecteerbaar’ wordt and the virus never can be overdrawn. Zelfs niet door seks. A common diagnosis is a quick diagnosis of the person with HIV and the virus can be overwritten. However, for a person exposed to HIV, this is never an option: the virus can be transmitted to the safety system. Het reduce the stigma that sticks to the HIV and reduces the taboo, can reduce the fear of the late testing. The quality of life with HIV is now thanks to the medication, gelijkaardig to the level of life with HIV. “To inform and sensitize you will have a positive impact.”

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