The cabinet is allocating 100 million euros to accelerate the construction of homes in the Northern Netherlands. A large part of this ends up in the Assen-Groningen region.

    The money for the North comes from a national subsidy pot, with which The Hague wants to accelerate the construction of new homes to reduce the housing shortage. “The cabinet is now allocating approximately 1.2 billion for the first 70 proposals that together will lead to the realization and accessibility of approximately 135,000 homes within now and the next 5 years,” write the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and the Ministry of Housing and Spatial Planning. . “It concerns housing projects that can be realized faster through small interventions such as the construction of a bridge, tunnel, bicycle path or bus station.”

    Assen, for example, asked more than 5.7 million euros for a third bridge to the Kloosterveen district. “This makes it possible to further develop the existing expansion district of Kloosterveen on the west side of the city. With this investment, 991 homes can be built more quickly,” the ministry reports.