For its 20th anniversary, Google News will take on a new look. Announced this Wednesday, June 22, the change in the look of the news section mainly concerns the organization of the selection tabs for local topics, which will be moved to the top of the page. Other settings, like theme customization and fact-checking, also integrate the new page, according to the communicated from Google.

    A homepage that looks like readers

    Google News users will approach the news in a different way, through the new presentation of the site. Unlike the old version, the content is more ergonomic. To ensure this, Google has changed the positioning of local news and other sections, moving them to the top of the page. This frees up space in the main window and allows more news to be discovered.

    In the same category

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    A major agreement for the interoperability of metaverses

    The redesign of Google News aligns with the needs to prioritize big, important topics. Among other things, the new look makes it easier to spot news that may be of interest to readers. It is possible to customize themes and add filters to access more relevant news.

    google news pagegoogle news page

    The new face of Google News. Image: Google

    Secure and verifiable information

    The reliability of information is one of the main objectives of Google News. ” Our vision for Google News is focused on strengthening access to local news, providing access to a wide range of sources, and fighting misinformation while protecting the open web. », Explains the press release of the company.

    The new “Fact Check” section aims to check the source of information and the opinions of specialists on a news item. ” With this added context, you can follow expert recommendations to verify the source and see what others are saying on a topic, helping you make more informed decisions about which sites you might want to visit and what results you get. will be the most useful says Google.