1. FC Nürnberg: Eintracht Frankfurt in pole position in the race for Can Uzun

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I doubt that 10 million euros will be enough in the summer. Since the update he has scored two braces and is the clear linchpin of FCN’s game. When he’s fit, he’s always set. No development dents to be seen.

There has to be at least 15 million + bonuses and resale participation. Otherwise, Hecking and Rebbe must explain themselves to the members.

Heretical question I know, but what if no one wants to offer 15 million + bonuses and 10 million will already be the highest of feelings?

This is not a heretical question, but rather realism.

The player will certainly be grateful to Nuremberg, but not so grateful that he will choose the club that makes the best transfer offer. Something like that should probably happen once in 500 changes, but that would be like winning the lottery for the club.

Ultimately it will be the case that the player will be handed over to the club that pays reasonably well and to which the player actually wants to move. So he’s probably going to Frankfurt for around 10 million or he’ll stay with FCN. We know how it will turn out, he will move to his dream club.

BVB will certainly hardly do so. If I were talented and wanted playing time, I wouldn’t switch to Moukoko, Malen, Füllkrug, Haller, Adeyemi. How big is the chance under coach Terzic that the talent will even see the grass in the stadium?

As sorry as I am for my club, it probably won’t work. On the contrary, if a player chooses this constellation for perhaps a little more salary instead of playing time, then I would again have doubts about the seriousness of his own ambitions. In short, the current BVB would definitely not be a good choice for a talented striker who has already proven himself in a second German league.