1. FC Cologne | Florian Kainz rages about VAR: “Do what you want”

1. FC Köln lost at home to Bremen. Host captain Kainz was upset about an unpunished scene – and raged against the video referee.

Little is going on at 1. FC Cologne at the moment. The Bundesliga club is in 16th place in the table with 16 points. The gap to Union Berlin, which is fifteenth in the table, is already five points. On Friday evening, Cologne also lost at home against Werder Bremen (0-1). A scene in the 87th minute led to dissatisfaction among the hosts.

What happened? Bremen’s goalkeeper Michael Zetterer jumped up in his own penalty area and hit Cologne’s Luca Kilian with his knee in the back. However, the action went unpunished. Referee Daniel Siebert did not recognize a foul. The VAR obviously felt the same way, but did not comment. This subsequently angered Cologne captain Florian Kainz.

“Very clear penalty”

After the game, the 31-year-old midfielder raged at the video referee on the streaming provider DAZN: “A very clear penalty. It’s also completely incomprehensible that they didn’t watch it, but they can do what they want.”

Kainz then ended the interview. Cologne goalkeeper Marvin Schwäbe also got upset. Especially in view of the club’s upcoming games in Stuttgart (February 24th in the t-online live ticker) and against Leverkusen (on March 3rd in the t-online live ticker), he found the missed penalty to be serious and emphasized: ” This is an extremely bitter time.”

Cologne coach Timo Schultz was combative despite the current situation: “I am convinced that we can win every game. No matter the opponent.” Most recently, Cologne won 2-0 at home against Eintracht on matchday 20. There have been a total of three league wins for the club so far.