­čö┤ Live blog: Ajax resumes hunt for eighth place against NEC (0-0), AZ visits FC Utrecht

We have a lot of sports on the program in our province again this Sunday. Ajax will visit NEC in Nijmegen from 2:30 PM, while AZ ends the weekend against FC Utrecht in Galgenwaard (4:45 PM). In this live blog we will keep you informed about this and of course also about sporting developments in North Holland. Tips? Send an email to [email protected].

Can Ajax maintain the winning feeling? We started in Nijmegen.

NEC – Ajax 0-0

Another wonderful sports day awaits us today. For example, Irene Schouten skates the five kilometers this afternoon on the last day of the World Cup in Stavanger, Norway. Ajax will visit NEC in Nijmegen from 2:30 PM, while AZ ends the weekend against FC Utrecht in Galgenwaard (4:45 PM). You can follow that match live in our radio broadcast. We are also at the Amsterdam cross-competition, where Nils Eekhoff is participating. Don’t miss anything via our live blog.

That’s it for today. Thanks for following and we’ll be back tomorrow. Then we will of course pay a lot of attention to FC Utrecht – AZ (kick-off 4.45 pm). You will hear flashes of that match in our radio broadcast. We will also keep you informed of all current sports events in our province. Good night!

The handball players of Volendam have settled with Sporting Pelt at home. In Sporthal de Opperdam, the home team was too strong for the Belgian opponent with 30-27. Aalsmeer visited Hurry Up and won 27-34. Volendam and Aalsmeer both have 17 points after 13 games and are in third and fourth place respectively in the BENE League.

In the Green Yellow hall, Blauw-Wit won the ‘colour derby’. The Amsterdam team was too strong for the korfball players from Wormer with 19-13.

Reactions and a summary will follow later on NH Sport!

The Dutch handball players have also won their second group match at the World Cup. Congo-Brazzaville was defeated 40-20. Bo van Wetering scored eight goals. The player from Heerhugowaard was therefore also voted ‘Woman of the Match’.

To make matters worse, FC Volendam also conceded the fifth goal. Uitgeest player Ferdy Druijf completed his hat trick with a hard shot in the short corner.

FC Volendam – PEC Zwolle 0-5

Lennart Thy scores the fourth for PEC Zwolle from a corner kick.

FC Volendam – PEC Zwolle 0-4

A number of FC Volendam supporters believe it and head for the exit. With fifteen minutes to go it seems to be an almost impossible task for Matthias Kohler’s team.

FC Volendam – PEC Zwolle 0-3

It will be a very painful evening after an eventful week at FC Volendam. Ferdy Druijf heads the third goal for PEC Zwolle against the ropes.

FC Volendam – PEC Zwolle 0-3

Within a few minutes, PEC Zwolle has scored twice. Ferdy Druijf doubles the lead on behalf of the visitors.

FC Volendam – PEC Zwolle

After a nice pass from Namli, Velanas cleverly takes the ball and passes Backhaus into the short corner.

FC Volendam – PEC Zwolle 0-1

Bilal Ould-Chikh tries with a long shot and gets Schendelaar into trouble. Robert M├╝hren is too aggressive on the rebound and shoots over.

FC Volendam – PEC Zwolle 0-0

The players of FC Volendam and PEC Zwolle have started the second half. Brian Plat comes in for the home team for Benaissa Benamar.

FC Volendam – PEC Zwolle 0-0

In a cold Volendam, both teams will rest with the same score as we started with. Although the match started attractively, most of the first half turned out to be a game of chess.

FC Volendam – PEC Zwolle 0-0

Bilal Ould-Chikh goes on an adventure from the right side and dribbles past a number of defenders. His shot from outside the box ultimately goes one meter wide of PEC Zwolle’s goal.

FC Volendam – PEC Zwolle 0-0

After a good attack, the ball ends up in Robert M├╝hren’s hands. The striker chooses to receive the ball, where he would have been better off shooting straight away. This allowed Jasper Schendelaar to grab the ball.

FC Volendam – PEC Zwolle 0-0

After the nice start, the match has entered calmer waters. Few chances so far for both teams.

FC Volendam – PEC Zwolle 0-0

In a cold Volendam the game waves up and down. Both teams plan to play football and make it a fun match. There are still no great opportunities.

FC Volendam – PEC Zwolle 0-0

The match between numbers 11 and 17 of the Premier League has kicked off in Volendam. Trainer Matthias Kohler is on the bench for the Volendam team for the last time. He leaves, just like seven other members of Team Jonk The New Orange.

FC Volendam – PEC Zwolle 0-0

11. PEC Zwolle 12 4 2 7 14 pts. 15-23
17. FC Volendam 12 2 2 9 8 pts. 15-31

Merijn Scheperkamp and Janno Botman were unable to play a significant role in the 500 meters during the World Cup in Stavanger. Scheperkamp, ÔÇőÔÇőwho competed at the Winter Olympics in Beijing, finished seventeenth in 35.45 seconds. Janno Botman did slightly better with 35.16 seconds and a twelfth place.

Irene Schouten took the win in the mass start yesterday. The skater from Hoogkarspel was the first to cross the finish line in Stavanger. Two weeks ago during the World Cup in Beijing, Schouten was very disappointing in the 3,000 meters, finishing eighth.

In the Korfball League, the derby between Groen Geel and Blauw-Wit is scheduled for tonight. In Wormer the whistle will be blown at 7 p.m. for the start of the North Holland clash. Groen Geel, which experienced a large exodus this summer, took one point in the first games. That was against DOS ’46. Blauw-Wit from Amsterdam was too strong against KCC last week with 15-20.

NH Sport is present at Groen Geel – Blauw-Wit for reactions and a summary!

The ball will roll this afternoon in the second division under cold conditions. At 2.30 pm AFC will visit the surprisingly well-performing ACV from Assen. Royal HFC will visit HHC Hardenberg at the same time that Heracles Almelo knocked out of the cup. At 3 p.m. ADO ’20 from Heemskerk will visit Kozak Boys.

2:30 p.m

  • ACV – AFC
  • HHC Hardenberg – Royal HFC

3:00 PM

  • Cossack Boys – ADO ’20

In this live blog we will keep you informed of all developments in sports in North Holland.