Zelensky warns that “no one will forgive” Russia for its “terror”

The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyhas pronounced this Saturday his last speech of the yearin which he lamented the victims caused by the latest wave of Russian attacks and warned that “no one in the world will forgive” Russia for the “terror” caused this 2022.

“The terrorist state will not be forgiven. And those who have ordered these attacks and those who have perpetrated them will not be forgiven,” Zelenski stressed, hours after Ukraine was again subjected to a barrage of missiles that has left at least one fatality and twenty injured in the capital, kyiv.

They are “missiles against people”, as Zelenski has emphasized, who has lamented that Moscow does not understand parties. Although “they call themselves Christians”, they are “following the devil” added the Ukrainian president.

Appeals to the Russian population

In his opinion, the conflict only derives from “a person trying to remain in power until the end of his life”, in reference to the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin. In this sense, he has appealed directly to the Russian population: “Your leader wants to show that the troops support him, but he only hides behind them.”

“Hide and burn your country and your future. No one will ever forgive terror. No one in the world will ever forgive this. Ukraine will never forgive,” he sentenced.

prisoner exchange

In parallel, the governments of Russia and Ukraine have announced this Saturday a new exchange of dozens of prisoners held by the two parties. The Russian Ministry of Defense has encrypted in 82 servicemen handed over by Ukrainian forces. All of them, including more than 40 pro-Russian militiamen from Lugansk, will be transferred to Moscow, according to the Interfax news agency.

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On the Ukrainian side, the head of the presidential office, Andriy Yermak, has confirmed the delivery of 140 people. “In the New Year, we not only repel the enemy’s missile attacks, but we also recover our people,” he said on Telegram, where he also shared images of those released.

Russia and Ukraine periodically carry out this type of exchange, which has continued regardless of the evolution of the war between the two parties.