Ypres aid worker risks four years in prison for assaulting patients

Ypres aid worker risks four years in prison for assaulting patients

One of the victims is Lynn. She lives in an assisted living home in Geluwe and is now the point of contact for victims of sexual offenses in healthcare. Due to her chronic illness, she can push an alarm button in case of severe pain.

The defendant in the trial once answered such an emergency call. Once there, Lynn is dying of pain and he thinks there is nothing better than to touch her breasts for two minutes.


Another victim is Isaura. She has stepped out of life due to the events. According to Isaura’s mother, she suffered trauma from the nurse. “He touched her breasts and abdomen, but wanted to go further. She then said that it was not necessary, because she only had a rash on her face. The nurse also asked what positions she would like,” says mother Francine.

The nurse used to work in the emergency department at the Jan Yperman Hospital. The fact that the man could continue to work in healthcare raises many questions. “I am careful in my statements, but it seems that the Jan Yperman Hospital has not taken the necessary steps to ensure that such facts do not happen again in the future,” says the lawyer of the defendant Margot De Laet.

“Sincere Regret”

The Public Prosecution Service is now asking for four years in prison for the Ypresling, two of which are effective. Because of his cooperation in the investigation and sincere feelings of regret and shame, Master De Laet believes that the judge should take this into account, with the necessary nuances.

We have to wait until March 16 for an official ruling.

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