1/2 The dancers of House of Marqeez are very proud of their success during the World Cup (photo: Erik Peeters)

    They are so proud at dance school House of Marqeez in Bergen op Zoom. The young talents managed to win no fewer than eleven World Cup titles at the World Street Dance Championship in Blackpool. “See this smile on my face? It’s only now really dawning on what they have accomplished, really unbelievable,” says founder Volkan Tasdan of the dance school.

    Profile photo of Erik Peeters

    The only 15-year-old dance trainer Xam van der Kraan from Putte is largely the secret behind the success. In recent months, Xam has given a large part of the dance lessons to the Bergse participants of the World Cup. “As a coach, he is doing better than me with my twenty years of experience,” said Volkan.

    Xam is modest about his role: “I just pass on what I have learned myself. I also let the children dance exuberantly on stage so that they stand out. But the most important thing is that they just enjoy themselves.”

    now Xam has the busiest and most popular classes

    Volkan started the dance school five years ago. “Xam has been dancing with us since he was ten. When he was 12 or 13 years old, I told his parents that he is exceptionally good. For the past two years we’ve helped him a bit to lead a group in addition to dancing. Now Xam has the busiest and most popular classes.”

    Xam van der Kraan (photo: Erik Peeters)
    Xam van der Kraan (photo: Erik Peeters)

    The young dancers from Bergen op Zoom had to qualify through ten World Cup qualifiers in the course of the year. At the championship in England they competed against participants from thirty different countries.

    “We have put Bergen op Zoom nicely on the map.”

    A total of eleven new dance trophies will be on display on the dance floor of House of Marqeez on Wednesday. The two biggest cups are for world champions Ivana and Joss (both 11). Xam also participated in Blackpool himself. He achieved a nice second place in two categories.

    Volkan: “Damn it, we have put Bergen op Zoom nicely on the map. “Next year we will go for twice as many prizes,” laughs Xam.