First goal in a World Cup for the Barcelona forward, who seals the match after Zielinski’s lead: the goalkeeper overcomes himself by saving a penalty and denying other chances, even two woodwork for the red and white

    From our correspondent Sebastiano Vernazza

    November 26th
    – Doha (Qatar)

    Super Szczesny, Zielinski’s goal, Milik’s crossbar: Italy-Poland, without forgetting Lewandowski’s goal and splendid performance, extinguished the Saudi ardor, but waiting for tonight’s Argentina-Mexico, the group’s situation remains fluid. no one has yet given up hopes of qualifying. At the end of the first half, with Poland 1-0 up, Salem Al Dawasari, hero of the victory against Argentina, had a penalty saved by Szczesny and Saudis lost something there, despite enjoying the second half of two or three chances to score. Arabia has confirmed that they are an interesting team, paying for a certain basic ingenuity. Poland won thanks to the experience of its totems, from Szczesny to Lewandowski, via Zielinski and Milik. Poland, with 4 points, leads the standings of the group, for the moment alone.


    Arabia got off to a flying start, immediately took possession of the game and the scene, going twice as fast as the Poles, occupying and creating spaces. Poland were forced to commit three bookable fouls in under twenty minutes. In order, yellows to Kwior, Cash and “his majesty of him” Lewandowski. In the 13th minute, a great right-footed shot by Kanno from the edge and from a slightly angled position forced Szczesny to deflect for a corner kick. When wondering, how and when Arabia would take the lead, Poland stuck its head out. The first signal was a header by Bielik, from a corner, “spiked” for a corner by Al Shehri. Gradually the pressure from the Saudis decreased in intensity and the old Polish lines came out. In the 39th minute, a relaunch by Szczesny gave the Polish lead. The goalkeeper kicked for Cash who extended for Zielinski, good at putting Cash back into action on the right. Low cross, goalkeeper Al Owais’ reckless exit on Lewandoski, very good at keeping it alive, not letting it go out on the back and putting it back in the middle for Zielinski, who at that point closed the action in which the Napoli player starred many parts. Arabia restarted with the fury of the wounded beast and Bielik innocently kicked Al Shehri in the box. The attacker went down with theatrics and the referee Sampaio, recalled on the video, conceded the penalty. From the penalty spot, however, Salem Al Dawsari handed himself over to Szczesny, who was very good at stretching out on the right side and deflecting. On the rebound Al Burayk kicked high. Shortly before the shot, the fourth official raised the scoreboard for recovery: 10 minutes, a mini-overtime. Goal by Milik (Naples), saved save by Szczesny (Juventus). Poland made in Italy.


    Szczesny was still super at the start of the second half, his one-on-one rejection with Al Dawasari was sensational, and a moment before the newcomer Al Abid had tripped over the ball. Arab assaults and Polish counterattacks. Cross from the left by Franzowski for Milik’s header: the crossbar is full with Ol Owais motionless. Shortly after, the goalkeeper dampened a shot by Lewandowski on the post. A crossbar, a post: Poland added the substance of the news to the opening goal. Game still in balance, however, Al Malik came close to the post in the 33rd minute and equalized. Until Arabia scuttled herself. Al Malki missed a check on the edge of his area and Lewandowski didn’t forgive him, 2-0 and the matter ended. Renard immediately removed Al Malki, shaken by the mistake, and the score would have been more striking if goalkeeper Al Owais hadn’t opposed a great play from Lewandowski in the 90th minute. That’s right, but the judgments on Arabia don’t change, as far as we’re concerned: Renard has built a team that plays football, however some players have clear limits and the whole doesn’t always manage to cover the gaps.