In the final, the blue couple overtook the British McBride and Arnold 8-2

    A result destined to enter the blue history of the Paralympic Boccia. Mirco Garavaglia and Giulia Marchisio won the gold medal, in the duo competition, in the Netherlands, at the Veldhoven 2022 World Boccia Challenger. A success that has its roots in the recent past, since the Paralympic Boccia, thanks to the foresight of the federal president Marco Giunio De Sanctis, entered under the aegis of the FIB. Since 2018, Federbocce’s technical investment in the Paralympic Boccia, a discipline included in the Paralympic Games program, and the first international success in the Netherlands. In the final for gold, Garavaglia and Marchisio overtook the pair from Great Britain, made up of McBride and Arnold 8-2. A meeting always led by the blue duo. Also in the semifinals a landslide 7-0 victory against the Turks Alyurt and Bozbiyic.

    The words

    “A success that repays the efforts of the Italian Bocce Federation – the hot comment of the federal president Marco Giunio De Sanctis – We believed in a project that, initially, might have seemed impossible. We bridged a technical gap compared to the other national teams of at least two decades. during which in various countries the discipline was already included, at high levels, in their respective sporting scenarios.We have invested economic and human resources, also thanks to the support of the CIP, and today the great satisfaction that Italy is also at the international top. The stated goal is to qualify some athletes for the Paris 2024 Paralympics and I believe we are on the right track. ” “Among other things, this success, together with the placings in the individual competition, bodes well in view of the Rome World Boccia Challenger, scheduled in the capital from 6 to 14 September and which will turn on the spotlight of Paralympic sport on the Federal Technical Center of Rome. world”. “The satisfaction is enormous because the gold won on Dutch soil by our two champions, who are complimented by the Federal Council, repays the efforts and sacrifices made by all those who believed in this project and worked for it, by the federal leaders. , to the technicians, to the assistants, to the athletes, passing through the FIB Study Center, which qualified the professionals of this sport “. “The compliments go to all the blue delegation, Orietta Calonego and the technical staff in the lead. After the individual competition, I took the responsibility of keeping the Azzurri in the Netherlands, in order to participate in the couple competition, modifying the initial program “. “What makes me proud and what is most beautiful lies in the fact that all the federal and territorial leaders are becoming passionate about the Paralympic Boccia, beyond the specialty of origin”, concluded De Sanctis.

    The results

    Before the success in the pair tournament, in the individual competition an excellent third place for the blue Mirco Garavaglia, sixth position for both Riccardo Zanella and Giulia Marchisio. In the Dutch international event, Federal Councilor Orietta Calonego with technical assistants Mauro Perrone and Giulia Borin led the Italian delegation. The athletes competing were: Mirco Garavaglia with the assistant Umberto Garavaglia; Giulia Marchisio with the assistant Roberto Marchisio and Riccardo Zanella with the assistant Marco Zanella.