Why does Pedro Sánchez call general elections?, article by Joan Tapia

Pedro Sanchez on Sunday -except in Catalonia- an electoral debacle resulted in the loss of many communities with strong socialist implantation: the Valencian Community, Aragon, Extremadura, Balearic Islands… and emblematic cities such as Seville. It was believed that the defeat -predictable due to the dissonances and errors of his government- would not bring down socialists with a strong personality such as Ximo Puig, Javier Lambán, Fernández Vara… That is why there has not only been a defeat, but also a territorial debacle. And the culprit is Sánchez himself who, out of arrogance, has wanted to make a referendum on his confusing project of some municipal and regional governments.

Why call elections and not wait until the last minute in search of a miracle or recovery? Know what six months of torment awaited him in which he would be seen as a politician already amortized, the culprit of all evils and the recipient of the attacks of enemies& mldr; and the friends who would want to survive. He couldn’t do anything that wouldn’t make a lot of noise. If he expelled Podemos from the Government, bad. If he kept them, worse. How to avoid that in the PSOE he was pointed out as the person responsible for the debacle and candidates emerged that further weakened his leadership?

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Instead of six months of hell, he has chosen a campaign of less than two months in which the pressure of time will force us to close ranks and not examine the past but stand up to the adversary. Taking everyone by surprise -the belief was that he would cling to power until the end- and with the hope that the PP and Vox can get entangled in the forced negotiations -except Madrid, where Ayuso has an absolute majority – to seize power in many communities and town halls.

It is not easy for the bet to work for him, but Sánchez -value is not lacking- he plays it again. If the short campaign goes badly, lengthening hell would be even worse. And trust in his resilience or baraka. In front of Rajoy, Susana Díaz, the usual PSOE and even Pablo Iglesias. But this time…