Which of these treats is your favorite? You’ve probably fallen for a common misconception

The truth about different colored candies may surprise you.

The American pastilles taste like cherry, while the blue and red Amazon candies have the same pineapple-peach flavor. Fazer

Which color of American pastilles is your favorite? Many people name orange as their favorite, but whatever your favorite is, it is not based on the taste of the candy. All lozenges in the bag are cherry-flavored, regardless of color.

Fazer is familiar with the phenomenon.

– All colors taste the same, although many swear that different colors taste different. There are always questions about this, and based on the comments, orange is the favorite, says Fazer Makeinte’s director of communications Liisa Eerola.

The same surprise is also hidden in the popular Amazon candies of loose candies, which are available in four different colors: green, red, blue and yellow. Of these, the red and blue taste the same, with a pineapple-peach flavor. The green Amazon candies are apple and the yellow ones are pineapple.

Smell plays a big role in tasting

Director of Product Development Niina Wredfors Fazer’s Lappeenranta factory reminds us that people’s sensitivity to both tasting flavors and smelling smells varies. Knowing that taste is mostly a matter of smell, it is clear that the differences in sensation are great.

– When eating sweets, the sensory organs on the surfaces of the tongue and mouth catch the flavors of the product, and at the same time the aromas released from the surface of the sweets mix with the air in the mouth and travel through the nasopharynx to the olfactory epithelium of the nose. The information transmitted through these two senses is what we colloquially call taste, Wredfors explains.

He recommends testing the effect of scents on tasting by holding your nose tightly while tasting candies, for example.

– The perceived sense of taste is immediately much flatter and duller. When you open your nose again, the aromas waft into your nose and the familiar sense of taste is perfected.

– American lozenges are completely the same except for the dye, and in general you can’t feel the dye. If, however, you can sense differences from different colors, the sensitivity of tasting can be due, for example, to the fact that the person in question has, on average, more taste buds on their tongue. This is the same type of characteristic as, for example, that some people have more hair than others.