Claudia de Breij gets a huge blow from Guido den Aantractor. Story’s editor-in-chief accuses her of hypocrisy in the Matthijs van Nieuwkerk case. “Where’s your reaction?”

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    Matthijs van Nieuwkerk has fallen through the basket: an extensive investigation by de Volkskrant shows that for years he has behaved like a kind of TV executioner at De Wereld Draait Door. A number of people from his circle are now suddenly very quiet, including Marc-Marie Huijbregts and the otherwise always so judgmental Claudia de Breij.

    Sneak at Claudia

    Claudia’s silence leads to a lot of annoyance on social media. “Marc-Marie and Claudia de Breij are surely writing a sweet song together to express their feelings about Matthijs?” Tweets GeenStijl star Bart Nijman. And TV presenter Boris Lange: “Matthijs van Nieuwkerk shows transgressive behavior, but where are you now?”

    Story boss Guido den Aantractor understands that criticism. He slaughtered Claudia last night in the live broadcast of the Shownieuws program. “Matthijs van Nieuwkerk is incensed from the canal belt. You also see that with a Claudia de Breij, for example, don’t you?”, he begins his story.

    ‘Where are you now?’

    Guido thinks Claudia is a hypocritical woman. “When that whole thing happened to Johan Derksen, with that candle, she called him ‘John de Mol’s h**r’. She’s always sitting front-row as the moral conscience of the Netherlands when things like this happen. I haven’t heard her now,” said the magazine maker.

    He continues: “Fifty people from the broadcaster she works for say that he has shown transgressive behavior. Where is Claudia de Breij now? That’s what I mean: he is constantly being kept above his head, because he is ‘the great Matthijs van Nieuwkerk’ and I think it is completely right that he has now fallen through the ice.”


    There are also many Matthijs fans who condone his behavior, such as Peter Vandermeersch and Prem Radhakishun. Guido: “I can get very angry that it is now being condoned again, also by such a Prem, like: ‘Yes, this is top sport! This is part of it!’ In fact, they just say that those fifty people shouldn’t be so weepy-weepy. Well, I think it’s a shame.”

    According to Guido, it is unbelievable that Matthijs misbehaved in such a way. “Then I think: Jesus, man, if you belong to the top of the TV world, just behave yourself. Making people sit on their knees, calling names, whining about a hair dryer. Who do you think you are?”

    Never again on TV

    Guido thinks Matthijs is out of his mind. “I think he is a huge narcissist. He is very selfish in my eyes. (…) He wanted to check everything. A huge control freak. I would say: go to a psychiatrist, because he might be able to help. I think it almost leans towards a kind of social autism.”

    He concludes: “I really hope we never see him on TV again this man. Amen.”