“What you say is simply NOT true!”

Eva Jinek was the subject of a spicy television quarrel in Shownieuws yesterday. Her long vacations caused controversy in the studio. “This is not at all what you are saying! What nonsense!”

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There is a lot to do about the hours that Eva Jinek works at RTL 4. She is off for about half the year, which according to critics simply amounts to a part-time job. And for 1.2 million euros per year, that is of course not surprising. One of those critics is Story boss Guido den Aantrekker, who has been targeting the presenter for quite some time.

Natacha pissed

Last night in Shownieuws it was about Eva’s collapsed viewing figures. According to Guido, people prefer to look at Beau van Erven Dorens. “Beau is a good exception, because he is more of a personality himself, while Eva sees herself more as a journalist.”

Natacha Harlequin responds very sharply to that: “She is.”

Guido: “Yes, but we have more of that.”

Natacha pissed: “No, I really don’t think so.”

Guido: “Yes, it is. We have more journalists.”

Natacha: “But not female.”

Guido: “What does it matter if she is a woman? I find that totally irrelevant.”

Long vacations

Natacha thinks that Eva is treated sexist when it comes to her long vacations. “Yes, but Guido, very honest: do we hear people complain about how often and how long Beau has a holiday? At Jinek I hear that all the time now: oh, she’s on vacation again!”

As one of Eva’s biggest critics, Guido of course strongly disagrees. “May I remind you, Natacha, that Beau is only in that place because Eva is on vacation?”

Natacha: “But what does that matter now?”

Guido: “You’re cutting that now, aren’t you?”


Natacha portrays Eva as some sort of victim. “No, but the point is I want to say that if you do very well as a woman, people actually take it for granted. All those years that she did fantastic at NPO 1, not a single prize went her way. The moment she is pregnant again, people are starting to complain about what she earns and about her vacation.”

Guido: “Because she’s never there!”

Natacha then really angry: “That’s not true at all, man!”

Guido: “That’s not true?! I think she works three or four months a year net!”

Natacha: “No!”

Guido: “No? Yes!”

“What programs?!”

Natacha: “She also makes programs outside of that, right?”

Guido: “Which programs then?”

Natacha is silent for a second. “At least online.”

Guido: “Yes, online, guys, what are we talking about? We are talking about a woman who has been presented by RTL as the TV face of the late evening, the journalistic face, a woman, what are you looking for online? Then other people have to do her work on TV. She was hired for television, wasn’t she?”

Power of VI

Anouk Smulders agrees with Natacha: “Yes, but then you don’t have to be there all year, do you?”

Guido thinks so. “Yes, but that, Anouk, is the secret of Today Inside. Those guys are there every night and they also have families.”

Anouk: “So you would say that if she were there every night she would be more successful?”

Guido: “Absolutely! Build it up! If you look at Catherine Keyl, to call it a heavyweight: she had a show every working day on RTL 4, a million viewers every working day. That was because she was always there, you could count on it. We don’t know when Eva will be here!”

He continues: “Eva is a good presenter, a good journalist. That’s obvious. The point is: if you are never there, people will never get used to you.”

‘This is nonsense!’

Then Anouk and Natacha really start screaming. Anouk: “Well, never is just really nonsense.”

Natacha: “That’s not true at all, Guido, what you’re saying!”

Guido: “Look, we are there every evening, 365 days a year, not Eva. She also wants to go out with her child.”

Natacha: “And rightly so.”

When Guido remarks later in the broadcast that he missed some news because of his skiing holiday, Anouk jokingly shouts: “Were you also on holiday? Weren’t you there again?!”

Natacha vindictive: “Bye Guido!”

Presenter Airen Mylene to the viewers: “If you have just been engaged: we just bashed Eva Jinek because she is always on vacation and does not fulfill her contracts.”

Guido can laugh about it: “I’m speechless at the moment, but then I don’t earn 1.4 million a year.”