Queen Margareta’s health worries. PDO

    Queen Margaret of Denmark, 82, was represented by her son’s crown prince a week and a half ago Frederik’s with Queen Elizabeth’s funeral in Britain.

    Only two days later it was reported that Margareeta had received a positive corona test result. Margareeta was also diagnosed with corona in February of this year. At that time, his symptoms remained mild.

    The Queen’s appointments were cancelled, but no further details were given about her condition.

    Now Margareeta is back in the public eye. He participated in an event in Oslo where he received the award for Nordic languages ​​from the Queen From Sonja. Margareeta gave a speech at the event.

    However, the speech’s message about Nordic togetherness was missed by many, because the attention was drawn to a special fact: Margareeta, dressed in a blue dress, kept a leather glove on her left hand throughout the occasion.

    He didn’t have a glove on his right hand.

    The glove was not seen at the gala dinner, but Margareeta had covered the back of her left hand.

    Concern about the health of the 82-year-old monarch arose. Citizens ask if the queen possibly has a skin disease or if the hidden problem with her hand is related to the corona.

    The Danish court has not commented on the matter.

    The back of Queen Elizabeth’s palm also attracted attention just a day before her death. There was a large bruise on the back of Elisabet’s hand, which was thought to have been caused by a possible cannula.

    Source and pictures of the glove: Svenskdam