THEno Wednesdayseries Netflix by Tim Burton all dedicated to the daughter of Morticia and Gomes Addams, Jenna Ortega performs the so-called tour de force. After all, she is the absolute protagonist, all her events converge on her. And in the management of the part of the little miss lover of sharp weapons and torture – all Mum and Dad, and Uncle Foster – Ortega demonstrates his caliber. That of an actress who has been working since she was a child, and who she wanted to act more than anything else in the world.

    Jenna Ortega, who is the actress of Wednesday

    Born on September 27, 2002 in Coachwella Valley (Libra), from a Mexican father and a mother with Mexican and Puerto Rican ancestors, Jenna is the classic example of natural talent. “I begged my mother for years,” she says in an interview with Wired. “When I was 6 I told her I wanted to start acting, but she and my father were absolutely against it. One day my mother gave me a book of monologues to shut me up. I played her one in which I played the part of a hysterical person, I was crying and she didn’t understand what was happening”.

    “I explained to her that it was from the book she had given me. At that point, he put the video on Facebook and an old school friend noticed me and put me in touch with a casting director. Evidently the performance was convincing. However, the pacts were clear: Jenna could have worked, but in small doses. «Now I’m 20 and I’ve been an actress for over half my life», points out.

    Jenna Ortega and Tim Burton at the ‘Wednesday’ presentation. (Getty Images)

    From Iron Man 3 to Jane the virginfrom You to Scream

    Before arriving at Tim BurtonJenna Prima has built a respectable resume, which ranges between cinema and tv. And the debut is not an indie product, on the contrary. It’s about Iron Man 3, released in 2013. Even if it is a small part.

    They follow Beyond the Borders of Evil – Insidious 2, Little scoundrels to the rescue, Traveling with Flora, The babysitter, Yes day And Scream. The reboot of the cult film arrives in 2022 and will be followed by Scream 6whose release is scheduled for March 10, 2023. On the television front, however, the debut comes in 2012 in an episode of the series Rob. After a few appearances in CSI: NY, The time of our life And Rakesthe big break comes with Jane the virgin.

    Remains in the cast from 2014 to 2019 and plays a young Jane (Gina Rodriguez). At that point, despite his young age, his career is on the rise. He arrives Harleys in betweenDisney series in which she took part from 2016 to 2018. In 2019 she made the leap and began to experiment with adult roles in You, Netflix series starring Penn Badgley. Here he interprets Ellie Alves«an obnoxious characterthe classic bitch from Los Angeles,” he said.

    Jenna Ortega at the time of “Jane the virgin”. (Getty Images)

    Meeting Tim Burton for Wednesday

    With Wednesday, Jenna risks making history, if only for the role she is going to play. “I’ve never played a character that has already been played by others,” she says during the same interview. «It’s strange to be working on something that people already have high expectations for. Being able to propose something different, but which does not distance him too much from the character and, at the same time, introduce some new elements».

    And Jenna Ortega he does it very well. His Wednesday is mischievous and peremptory. About the first meeting with Timreveals that the first Zoom call dates back to a few years ago, right after the end of filming of x.

    “It was fun,” she says. «I had just finished shooting and I still had my stage make-up on. Specifically, a cut on his face, blood and glycerin in his hair. Tim started laughing and I did the same.” About xto shoot she moved to for a few months New Zealand, in Willington. She fell in love with it so much that “I might think about moving,” she confesses.

    Jenna Ortega in “Wednesday”. (Getty Images)

    Jenna Ortega, from stunts to boyfriend

    To distinguish the actress from many other colleagues, the desire to take risks personally. How Tom Cruise, he doesn’t like having stunt doubles. He gives himself 100 per cent and is happy to throw himself off a wall or on the ground or to go 100km an hour in his car». Between curiosity concerning you, the choice of diet.

    After being vegan for some time, he started eating fish again. It was more of a forced choice than a real will. During the filming of WednesdayRomaniahad difficulty finding some ingredients necessary to follow the diet and thus reconnected with fish.

    Jenna Ortega in 2018 with ex boyfriend Asher Angel. (Getty Images)

    About his private lifeLittle or nothing is known at the moment. She has been engaged to in the past Asher Angel, Jacob Sartorius and Isaac Presley. He has Mexican ancestry by the father and Puerto Rican from those of the mother. She is the fourth of six children. In addition, she is 1.54m tall.

    The passion for autopsies and activism

    Among the quirks he spoke about recently at the New York Timesthere is one for autopsies. She started making them up dead lizards he found in the backyard. A point in favor, which brings her closer to her alter ego in the Netflix series. This his dark side it also emerges from the work choices made up to now. Nothing, however, that creates particular inconvenience.

    «I think there is some sort of invisible thread that binds serial killers, monsters and me», he said. In this sense, Wednesday fits perfectly with his personality. «He has a mission and will do anything to carry it out». Exactly like she did to wear the character’s clothes by heart. To get into the role you studied celloin addition to having taken canoeing, fencing, archery and German lessons.

    In real life, however, it is a staunch activist. In 2018, when Donald Trump was overwhelmed by the controversy over the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico, Jenna Ortega wore a jacket with the eloquent writing: “I care and you should too”. The recipient was Melania Trumpguilty of having worn an overcoat with the inscription: “I don’t care a thing”.