• The scared faces continued on the players after the dramatic pass to the second round. Luis Enrique was as vehement as always: “What has happened annoys me a lot. There is nothing to celebrate.”

    You just had to see the faces of the footballers. Serious faces, even sorrowful, beginning with morata and ending by Pedro. Her gaze reflected a suffering that no one expected. In the end, Spain survived thanks to the favor of Germany. was only three minutes out, but it was an eternity. They are scares that are not forgotten.

    The canary star barca summed up those moments of anguish. “In the video scoreboard of the stadium they were putting the goals of Costa Rica and we saw that we were out of the World Cup. We were lucky to pass, football has given us another chance and now we must go with everything. To life or death. If we fail again, we go home, “acknowledged the Barça interior.

    The captain’s reflection

    Pedri did not rotate in the eleven of Luis Enrique, that did not include any madridista and repeated with the Barcelona trident in the core she was also Busquets, despite being reprimanded. The captain reflected on the troubles of the Red to achieve your goal.

    «It seemed that we had the game under control, but they marked us in a mistake, they came up and we went up. We only have to continue improving, at least we are classified, “said the midfielder, who expects a reaction on Tuesday. «We did not want this to happen, we wanted to win. Morocco it will also be very difficult. We have to correct the mistakes and think only about passing the qualifying rounds,” added the captain.

    “I do not give up”

    But the most anticipated reflection was, of course, that of the coach, that man who always show your face in all situations. He did not disappoint Luis Enrique in his explanations. «We had five minutes of total lack of control, of panic.If Japan had needed more goals they would have scored. This is a World Cup, “said the Asturian, annoyed by that image of the team at the beginning of the second half.

    “Football has given us another chance. Now we must go with everything, to life or death”

    Pedri / Spain midfielder

    Far from being satisfied with second place, which leads to a part of the kinder picture, Luis Enrique exhibited his anger. “I it annoys a lot, I would have liked to win and finish first. The mourning We’ll spend it tonight, there’s nothing to celebrate, this should serve as a notice for the future. We must show more forcefulness. I don’t give up, but I don’t celebrate a defeat either.

    “Manipulated Image”

    The coach also stopped in the play of the second Japanese goal, preceded by a ball that could pass the bottom line perfectly. «I have seen a photo that must be tricked or manipulated. It can’t be that that photo is true. I already saw that something strange happened when the VAR», highlighted the technician with some irony.

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    That goal ended up costing the defeat against Japan, although it was more serious for Germany, eliminated by the eastern triumph. For Luis Enrique that was the least of it. His obsession will be to avoid those minutes of confusion in future qualifiers.

    «Luckily this team enters collapsing once every four years. If not, the baby can’t stand it, “he released with his usual sarcasm. «There will be time to analyze it. Football readings are always misleading. When I lose I am never happy », she concluded.