After FC Bayern’s resounding victory on Friday, there were also plenty of high-scoring games on Saturday. While Gladbach coach Daniel Farke was happy about his debut victory in the majority, Werder boss Hubertus Hess-Grunewald was extremely angry at the use of the Wolfsburg police, despite the sporting point win at VfL, which led to a large number of SVW supporters stayed away from the game. These are the votes:

    The votes on the 1st match day of the Bundesliga

    Borussia Dortmund – Bayer Leverkusen 1:0

    Edin Terzic (Borussia Dortmund coach): “We had a very nervous start. The most important thing is that we defend with everything we have. Today we showed that we can do it.”

    Gerardo Seoane (Bayer Leverkusen manager): “In the end, the disappointment stands out. We made too many mistakes in the first half, but then we showed a clear improvement in performance in the second half. Given that, we would have wished for a better result.”

    VfL Wolfsburg – Werder Bremen 2: 2

    Niko Kovac (VfL Wolfsburg coach): “It didn’t go well in the first half, there were too many deficiencies defensively. After that, our lead in the tackle became more stable, so I can live with the draw. Of course, I know that we have to go to Bayern now, but every game is different .”

    Josuha Guilavogui (goal scorer VfL Wolfsburg) on his goal: “I’m not known for scoring goals. I’m very happy about that because my time in Bordeaux was very difficult for me. I had a little depression. Today I’m laughing on the pitch again. That doesn’t count not only in football, but also in life: we have to fight and always stay positive. There is a lot of shadow, but there is also a lot of light.”

    Ole Werner (Werder Bremen coach): “The performance in the first half was really good. That’s why the bottom line is that the result is okay. We were definitely able to show that we can fundamentally get along in the new league for us.”

    Niclas Füllkrug (goal scorer SV Werder Bremen) on Bremen’s Bundesliga return: “The first half was a top game from us. We can build on this performance and I think you can see that we have no problem keeping up in the Bundesliga.”

    Hubertus Hess-Grunewald (President SV Werder Bremen) … on the problems between Werder fans and the Wolfsburg police: “It was the case that our fan base arrived here and was arrested by the Wolfsburg police at the train station. Search measures and identity checks were ordered. Even our fan supervisors had initially “There was no way to communicate because they too had to submit to controls. That ultimately led to relevant parts of our fan base deciding to go home. That’s a development that we don’t condone Both clubs had made an assessment of the security situation in advance and had assessed this game as green.The Wolfsburg police then come to the assessment that it is a red game and in advance – without anything happening – such serious, liberty-depriving measures hits, I have to say that this is extremely worrying ns seriously asking: what kind of fan culture do we want? We are proud to have a lively fan scene in all stadiums in Germany, to have away fans. If we welcome guests like that and treat them like that, then it can’t be in the spirit of spectator sport football. I actually expect a political correction from the decision-makers, because it cannot stand still and must not be repeated.”

    … to work through: “Everyone has to ask themselves: What kind of football do we want and what kind of country do we want to be? A free country or one that has to compete with other countries that we don’t see so freely?”

    Union Berlin – Hertha BSC 3: 1

    Urs Fischer (Coach Union Berlin): “For me, the reaction was almost more important than the win. We demanded it from ourselves and we expected it after the cup. The team showed what they are capable of when they are ready for the task. We were very compact, the chains shifted and harmonized well and we were very purposeful going to goal.”

    Sandro Schwarz (Hertha BSC coach): “It was definitely a deserved victory for Union. They were better in many areas, had more grip and were more gallant. Accordingly, they deservedly led at half-time. We only had good control for a short period in the first half. Despite the goal, that was it All in all, not a good performance. We lacked uncompromisingness in the duels.”

    Borussia Monchengladbach – TSG Hoffenheim 3:1

    Daniel Farke (Borussia Monchengladbach coach): “We started a bit nervous. The yellow-red card played into our hands. But we were a little too impatient until the break. We did very well in the second half. It was a deserved win and a very good start .”

    Jonas Hofmann (Borussia Moenchengladbach) on Alassane Plea’s contract extension: “Players worry when you see that top performers are extending it. It’s always a positive sign if it’s also received directly in the media. I’m happy for him, I’m happy for him the club because we have committed a very good player for the long term. He is a really great boy and is really good for us.”

    Yann Sommer (Captain Borussia Mönchengladbach) on a possible contract extension: “We are in very open talks. I’ve been here for eight years, we sit down at the table, chat, look into each other’s eyes. We’ve talked very openly in the past few weeks and exchanged our thoughts. Look let’s see how it goes.”

    André Breitenreiter (TSG Hoffenheim coach): “The story is told briefly. Unfortunately, we were decimated. You can give the card. He has to be more clever. He’s the saddest boy today. Despite being outnumbered, we defended well. Over time it became more and more difficult. In the end didn’t have the strength to turn the game again.”

    VfL Bochum – FSV Mainz 05 1:2

    Thomas Reis (coach VfL Bochum): “We got into the game very well, were very active, had one or two chances. After that it was a bit negligent, we were very lucky that we didn’t fall further behind and equalized with a shot on Sunday. In the We were missing the last bit in the second half. I’m extremely angry that we’re losing a game like this through a set piece. We’re still in the identification phase.”

    Bo Svensson (FSV Mainz 05 coach): “It was the difficult game we expected. Bochum was the better team in the first 20 minutes, then we had huge chances, but got the equalizer with a lucky punch. There wasn’t much going on in the second half, we were a bit too passive. Then we also make a lucky punch – with a standard goal to decide. It’s also clear that we have to play better, have to be more active.”

    FC Augsburg – SC Freiburg 0:4

    Enrico Maassen (FC Augsburg coach) on the double strike after the break: “It’s normal for heads to drop a bit when you’ve got big plans. I told the team that we’re going to stay with ourselves, work things out properly and do these things much better “Then the game would certainly have been a lot more open. So we deserved to lose, which is very annoying.”

    Felix Uduokhai (FC Augsburg) on ​​the clear defeat: “When the score is 0:4 you are already broken and disappointed that you started like that. In the first half you saw that a few things worked out and the Freiburgers didn’t with the ball so much has come to mind. But the two goals after the break broke our necks.”

    Christian Streich (Coach SC Freiburg): “Difficult game. We assumed that Augsburg would play a lot of one-on-ones on the pitch and it happened that way, it’s very uncomfortable. The first half was difficult. It helped that we scored two goals I’m satisfied because everyone put themselves at the service of the team. Gregerl (Note: Michael Gregoritsch) played well, not just because he scored a goal and prepared one.”

    Michael Gregoritsch (goal scorer SC Freiburg) … on his strong debut: “I joined the team and from the first moment they accepted me as if I had been there forever. Then it was actually very easy. Especially on the pitch it’s a really well-established one “Team, it feels like they’re playing the ball out from behind with a resting heart rate. Then, of course, it’s easier as a striker. Today it worked out great and was a lot of fun.”

    … on the goal against his old employer: “I didn’t know how I would react, a goal is of course always something special. I had five very nice years and a wonderful time here. I’m still good with the whole team in contact. The fans gave me a great goodbye before the game. That’s why I think it’s normal not to celebrate. Just out of respect for the long time you’ve worked together.”

    … on the successful start of the season: “Of course we have to continue now. I’m incredibly looking forward to the season. We really have a good team, we showed it on the pitch today. Now we have to do more next week.”

    Eintracht Frankfurt – Bayern Munich 1:6

    Oliver Glasner (Eintracht Frankfurt coach): “Obviously a fully deserved win for Bayern. We lost our heads with the two quick goals we conceded. We thought we had to get the goal straight away. Bayern used the space we gave them brutally. Their pace was impressive we’re just overwhelmed. Now we have the opportunity to do better against Real Madrid on Wednesday.”

    Julian Nagelsmann (Bayern Munich coach): “I’m very happy with the first half, an incredibly good game with great energy. In the second half, Frankfurt were lower, but we could have scored more goals. But overall it was a very good game. If we play with such energy, it is very difficult against us.”