VOC quickly recovers and strikes the first battle with Venlo in the battle for the national title

VOC has won the first match in the battle for the national championship. In Venlo, Rachel de Haze’s team was 32-25 against the reigning national champion, who was still too strong in the cup final two days earlier.

The team from Amsterdam had to get up quickly after last Thursday for a new meeting with Venlo. In the cup final, the Limburgers still won 36-30 against VOC, but this afternoon there was little sign of that. The coverage was good and VOC looked a lot brighter than in the cup final.

The visitors got off to a good start and took a lead of no less than five points before the break. In both cases, Venlo came back to one point. The tipping point was the red card from Venlo player Janson after she threw a ball in Kruijswijk’s face.

The difference at halftime was two points in favor of the team from Amsterdam: 13-15. Again VOC came out of the locker room strong and ran away to 17-23. This time the lead was held more easily and extended even further. VOC took control of the game and won 25-32 on a visit to Venlo.

Next Sunday at 2.30 pm, the VOC handball players can finish it in their own home. With a win, the team is crowned national champion of the Netherlands. In the event of a loss, the decisive third game will be played on Sunday, June 4.