09/17/2022 at 00:30


    The Real Madrid footballer spoke about the controversy surrounding his celebrations

    “They say that happiness is annoying. The happiness of a Brazilian black in Europe is much more annoying,” he said.

    Real Madrid footballer Vinicius Junior He referred to the controversy over his dances. The Brazilian highlighted with a video on his social networks that he will not stop dancing despite the inconvenience that this generates and Koke’s words about it.

    The player He shared a video on his social networks to defend himself against “xenophobia and racism & rdquor; that he assures he has been receiving for a long time, which has increased as a result of the criticism for his dances that “began to criminalize & rdquor ;, once again demonstrating his personality by ensuring that “no & rdquor; is going “to stop” and that “the happiness of a victorious black Brazilian in Europe bothers & rdquor ;.

    “Weeks ago they began to criminalize my dances. Dances that are not mine. They are from Ronaldinho, Neymar, Paquetá, Griezmann, Joao Félix, Matheus Cunha… they are from Brazilian funk artists and sambistas, from reggaeton singers, and from black Americans. They are dances to celebrate the cultural diversity of the world. Accept it, respect it. I’m not going to stop & rdquor ;, she said and wrote in a message against racism.

    After receiving the support of Neymar, Pelé, Ronaldo Nazario, teammates, Brazilian clubs and Real Madrid, Vinicius has also said enough.

    “‘As long as the color of the skin is more important than the brightness of the eyes, there will be war’. I have that phrase tattooed on my body. I have that thought permanently in my head. That is the attitude and the philosophy that I try to put into practice in my life & rdquor ;, begins the striker.

    They say that happiness bothers. The happiness of a victorious black Brazilian in Europe bothers much more. But my desire to win, my smile and the sparkle in my eyes are much bigger than that. You can’t even imagine it. I was a victim of xenophobia and racism in a single statement. But none of that started yesterday & rdquor ;, he continued in reference to a comment made on a Spanish television program that he cataloged as “playing the monkey & rdquor; their celebrations by dancing after scoring a goal.

    Vinicius went on to assure that he uses his figure and resources to help eradicate these racist behaviors. “I come from a country where poverty is very great, where people do not have access to education… and in many cases, no food on the table! On and off the field. I have developed an application to help the education of children in public schools without financial help from anyone. I am making a school with my name. I will do much more for education. I want the next generations to be prepared, like me, to fight against racists and xenophobes & rdquor ;, she assures.

    “I always try to be a professional and an exemplary citizen. But that does not click, it is not trending on the internet, nor does it motivate cowards to talk aggressively about people they don’t even know & rdquor ;, he continues.

    To finish, Vinicius leaves a clear message. “The script always ends with an apology and ‘I’ve been misunderstood.’ But I repeat it for you, racist: I will not stop dancing. Whether at the Sambadrome, at the Bernabéu or wherever. With the love and smiles of someone who is very happy, Vini Jr. #BAILAVINIJR & rdquor ;, he concludes.