Victor Hugo Morales harshly criticized the President of Radio and Television Argentina, Rosario Lufrano. The journalist, who is covering the World Cup from Qatar for Telesur, complained that he had not been able to tell anyone from the team National Radio to the World Cup, since the decision was to make all the investment for Public TV, sending 30 members of the TV team. The rapporteur slipped that the problem is that on the radio “they are not encouraged by the expenses.”

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    “We are the little sister. I agree that it is likely that 30 people for Public Television will be insufficient, it is likely that they will have to be 50. 30 for Public Television and not even a miserable per diem for a worker at Radio Nacional. My gosh! Not a ticket? What a way to treat us! This will come from above I suppose, it has to do with the expenses with which they are not encouraged (…) Things have been a resounding failure for the radio, “the journalist told Radio Nacional. Likewise, he expressed various criticisms of the radio situation today.

    It is not the first time that Victor Hugo has targeted Lufrano. In the middle of the year, the official had accused the journalist Cynthia Garcia of “McCarthyism” – a term that refers to the hunt for communists perpetrated by the United States senator Joseph McCarthy– and to “operate through the media” to prevent the hiring of a new assistant programming manager, Rosalia Giuffrefor having worked for the macrista management.

    Taking the side of García, Morales expounded on the issue on his radio program La Mañana de Víctor Hugo, where García was also a panelist.

    “I am very sorry that Lufrano says such nonsense as McCarthyism. Look, there were people who suffered from hunger and need in the four years of true McCarthyism, carried out by that tremendous scoundrel that is (Hernán) Lombardi. Look, there were people who had a very bad, look that there were people attacked. And that these people, as in your case, can be mentioned in that way seems very unfortunate to me, “the driver told García at that time.

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