Verona-Udinese / Sottil enjoying the moment: “Great merit from the boys”

The Juventus team enjoys their sixth consecutive victory. Here are the words of Mr. Andrea Sottil at the end of the match. An incredible moment

Today’s monday night ended with Udinese that reaches the sixth victory in a row, we are talking about a real historical record for the Juventus club. A result that not even Sanchez and Di Natale with Guidolin were able to achieve. At the end of the meeting here are the words of Andrea Sottil.

How does Mister change games with men coming off the bench? (question asked by the director Pierpaolo Marino).

Udinese have changed their mentality, press high and are always on the attack. Let’s talk about a physically impressive team:

The image of the match is Deulofeu who is replaced and looks angry, but at the end of the game then the first one to hug is her. Is the management of the locker room behind these victories?