Varkensboeren ton amper interest in uitkoopregeling | landlocked

The sales stack will be reduced by 30 percent by 2030. That is what the Vlaamse overheating is like in the stikstofakkoord is vastly leged. In absolute cijfers: vandaag zijn he 5.86 miljoen varkens in Vlaanderen. He would like that over ten years less than 1.8 million. There is a specific requirement to be followed by the doelstelling that is held, is a voluntary implementation. The Vlaamse regering trek is 200 million euros from there.

Not all 4,155 Vlaamse varkenshouderijen come in a note. Grandchildren small in the middle grote need the sea then 0.5 percent bijdragen aan the stikstofneerslag in the natural environment, rise quite op een vergoeding. He was born in Vlaanderen 982.

Until June 17th, you can register for the planned sales order. Before the week before the deadline is he still little animated. Of the 982 varkenshouders that come in a note, he has maar 116, often 12 percent, in writing.