Valerio Zeno awakens from his television death. RTL confirms that the former TV celebrity is indeed the new presenter of the hysterical program Real Girls in the Jungle.

    © RTL

    For years, Valerio Zeno was a familiar face of the youth broadcaster BNN, but he was put aside and forgotten. A personal drama for the presenter, because he had the dream for years to grow to RTL 4. He wanted to present major entertainment there, such as The Voice.

    Voice dream

    Valerio has often expressed his RTL 4 dream. He called it the most beautiful TV channel in the Netherlands. “I hope to be able to do that at 40. The Voice of Holland? I would immediately drop everything for that!”, he said five years ago.

    Great entertainment is his ultimate dream. “Large studio programs for young and old. Preferably including a show trap, such as Ron’s Honeymoon quiz or the Staatsloterij show in the past. However, I will only make the switch when I am confident enough. My interview technique needs to improve.”

    Real Girls

    In the end, Valerio did make a transition, but then to oblivion. And RTL is now pulling it out again. He is indeed, as the juice channel Juice Channel already reported, the new presenter of Real Girls in the Jungle.

    RTL: “In the program, which was last seen more than 10 years ago and is still fresh in many people’s memories, several well-known Dutch reality TV stars battle each other in the jungle.”

    The new series will not be shown on linear television, but on Videoland.


    The trailer: