Vaccines for children, Lombardy and Lazio in the lead with 4% of first doses

From Thursday 16 December the vaccination hubs are also open to children between 5 and 11 years old. In these first days, over 94 thousand thousand pediatric vaccines were administered, equal to 2.6% of the over 3.6 million children in the age range considered.

In the lead Lombardy and Lazio

It is too early to define a trend. But on the basis of an initial partial assessment, it can be said that the response of families was different from one region to another. Lombardy with its 29 thousand doses is the region that records the highest percentage of pediatric first doses (4.5% of the audience). Lazio follows with 15 thousand (4%).

Emilia Romagna further back

In Emilia Romagna we are further behind, at 2.7% (about 6 thousand administrations). The general manager of the AUSl of Bologna, Paolo Bordon, complains that in his territory the reservations for the little ones “are not going very well and the numbers are limited. So far there are 8 thousand out of an audience of about 50 thousand ». This is why we are thinking of “extraordinary initiatives to try to stimulate the adhesion of children”, such as, for example, mobile vehicles for vaccinating outside schools.

The regions in the last places

In the last places the Marche with 1,400 administrations (1.5%), the Calabria with approximately 1,700 administrations (1.4%) and the Sicily with 3,700 (1.2%).

Exceeded the targets set

Meanwhile, the schedule of the administrations in this month of December indicates that the targets set by the Commissioner Francesco Figliuolo have been exceeded, which envisaged 10.9 million administrations in the first 26 days of the month (with a daily average of 419 thousand doses). Apart from Sunday (335 thousand doses), in the last week it has always exceeded 500 thousand. And the 3.6 million vaccines injected between 13 and 19 December represent the highest level reached by the campaign in the week between 19 and 25 July, when the injections reached 3.8 million.


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