Fan series for the 3rd division

    With the help of the community, Transfermarkt will take a detailed look at the 56 teams in the Bundesliga, Bundesliga 2 and Bundesliga 3 in the coming weeks. Which players are the fans looking forward to the most, where is there room for improvement and what is in the squad for 2022/23 for your favorite club? We asked around in the forums and got our opinions – in league three we continue with user “Dreisamnappi” and SC Freiburg II.

    How do you rate the SC Freiburg II squad?

    The squad is currently relatively unbalanced. With Enzo Leopold, Claudio Kammerknecht, Emilio Kehrer, Sascha Risch and Julius Tauriainen, the team has lost five players, all of whom were part of the extended permanent staff last season. Due to injuries, there are currently only three fit central defenders, a left-back is currently completely missing in the team. Here, however, several test players have recently been deployed, so that the club will certainly add more. The Kosovar U21 national player Andi Hoti recently came for the headquarters.

    Vincent Vermeij’s contract extension was really important. The Dutchman was by far the team’s most accurate player and a kind of life insurance. The development of the most promising talents will also be interesting. Definitely Max Rosenfelder, Kenneth Schmidt and Mika Baur should be mentioned here, who could sooner or later move up to the pros. But Noah Atubolu, Kimberly Ezekwem and Robert Wagner, who are officially part of the Bundesliga squad, are likely to make many appearances in the 3rd division for the time being.

    Where do you see a need to catch up by Deadline Day?

    There is clearly still room for improvement on the defensive end. As already mentioned, the squad is very tight at this point due to departures and injuries. From my point of view, it would be desirable if the club as a whole is currently in a really good sporting position to attract high-quality talent to the club, who are lured with the prospect of Bundesliga football and the opportunity for a lot of match practice in the 3rd division be able. With the exception of Borussia Dortmund, no other club in Germany currently offers this complete package. In addition, Christian Streich, a self-confessed supporter of his own youth, sits on the bench with the pros. It is important to use this.

    BVB II and FCI dominate: The 10 most valuable players in the 3rd division

    10 Maximilian Dittgen – FC Ingolstadt – market value: €550,000

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    As of July 23, 2022

    8 Pascal Testroet – FC Ingolstadt – market value: €700,000

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    8 Kevin Ehlers – Dynamo Dresden – market value: €700,000

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    6 Bradley Fink – BVB II – market value: €750,000

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    6 Soumaïla Coulibaly – BVB II – market value: €750,000

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    4 Visar Musliu – FC Ingolstadt – market value: €800,000

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    4 Merlin Röhl – FC Ingolstadt – market value: €800,000

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    3 Abdoulaye Kamara – BVB II – market value: €1M

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    2 Luca Unbehaun – BVB II – market value: €1.5m

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    1 Jayden Braaf – BVB II – market value: €3m

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    What do you expect from the playful appearance of the team?

    The team was one of the most harmless teams on offense last season. Only 34 goals in 36 games speak for themselves. At the same time, however, coach Thomas Stamm managed to bring a very solid defense onto the pitch and thus relatively safely to stay up in the league in the premiere season. It’s no coincidence that several top local clubs like Bern, Basel and Zurich were interested in a commitment from the native Swiss and Schalke 04 are said to have thought about the 39-year-old. I would therefore like the team to maintain their defensive stability and at the same time develop more power on offense.

    What’s in it for SC Freiburg II in 2022/23?

    With a second representation, it is difficult to estimate where the journey will lead. As is well known, the team primarily serves to develop talent for the professional squad. It is therefore not uncommon for players from the second team to take part in the training of the Bundesliga team and for one or the other professional to be handed down for match practice – for example after injuries – at the weekend. The latter was the exception rather than the rule last season.

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    Nevertheless, coach Stamm will only rarely be able to train with the entire team and will sometimes have to improvise on the day of the match. In addition, as expected, the SC II, together with the second team of BVB, has the team with the youngest average age. The associated inexperience will certainly cost one or the other point. Overall, the team is talented, but the existing leading players and the right additions are capable of repeated relegation by the end of the transfer window. However, relegation to the regional league would not come as a complete surprise.

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