The bitter Monegasque: “I’m not happy at all, I wanted to pull the second stint as long as possible, then we put in the hard and lost a lot of time.” The Spaniard: “The weather conditions fooled us, I had an incredible deterioration of the tires, strange and difficult to understand”

    July 31

    – budapest (hungary)

    “Today I’m certainly not happy, not at all. We’ll talk about it in the team.” So Charles Leclerc, to the microphones of Sky Sport after sixth place with Ferrari in the Hungarian GP. “In the first stint the car was fine with medium tires, in the second (always with the medium, ed) it was always good and I wanted to pull as long as possible – continued the Monegasque driver – then we made the decision to go hard and they lost a lot of time. We will talk about it with the team, to improve, it’s not the time to talk about it here. So far the season has been in flux, but I can’t wait to start over. “

    Carlos Sainz points the finger at the performance of the F1-75: “We have already seen in qualifying that we did not have the best car – said the Spaniard – we took a step backwards. Today none of the tires worked, even the strategy was proved difficult. At the first stop the overcut on Russell was possible, but the slow pit stop cost us dearly. It is so, we have to improve to get back stronger on all fronts after the break. The disappointment? Of course it’s great because after Friday we had the feeling of dominating the weekend. It is clear that these weather conditions affected today’s race and yesterday’s qualifying and we did not have the pace. We were a little fooled by these conditions, I was not at all , I had an incredible degradation compared to Friday, I didn’t expect it, it was strange and difficult to understand “.