Udinese, the Friuli stadium changes name and becomes Bluenergy Stadium

The combination for five years has been presented which will bring 800,000 euros into the coffers of the Juventus club

“Bluenergy Stadium”: this is how Udinese’s home will be called, at least for the next five years. The agreement with the company that operates in the energy field, Emilian but with very solid foundations in Friuli, was announced by the top management of the Juventus club – Gianpaolo Pozzo was also present -, by those of the Spa (with the founder Gianfranco Curti) and by the authorities. The numbers? They have not been made official, but there is talk of 800 thousand euros. An excellent deal for Udinese which – if the rumors correspond to reality – would significantly improve the previous commitment signed with Dacia, almost doubling it. “I’m really happy with this combination – explained Paron Pozzo –. For many years, as an entrepreneur, I have been silently fighting to achieve and consolidate the clean energy objectives proposed by our partner. This collaboration has been developing for some time at a sponsorship and supply level. Now there is also this new adventure that I am very convinced about.”

disgruntled fans

The name, along with the commercial denomination, has in the past created discontent in the fan community, where the reference to “Stadio Friuli” is much appreciated for its reference to the territory. And now? The answer was given by the mayor, Alberto Felice De Toni: “We will always be Stadio Friuli and now we are also Bluenergy Stadium. We must think from a perspective of inclusion, not exclusion.” Not just football for the system. “The big concerts will also return” announced project manager Alberto Rigotto. The exploitation of over 20 thousand square meters is also planned with a new nursery school, a swimming pool and the covering of the roof with photovoltaic panels.