Two million euros extra support for Syrian victims after earthquake: “We must not forget the Syrian population”, says Caroline Gennez | Massive earthquake in Turkey and Syria

The earthquakes in early February killed more than 55,000 people. Millions of people depend on humanitarian aid. Our country’s extra resources are aimed at Syria. According to Gennez, the situation there is even more dramatic. Due to the ongoing conflict, the humanitarian need in the country was already very high and millions of people had to leave their belongings behind. The earthquake killed another 500,000 people.

The Belgian money goes to humanitarian partner organizations of the EU that have been active in the area for some time and are therefore well aware of the needs. The aid would mainly focus on providing shelter, hygiene and sanitation facilities, and medical care and medication. Our country previously gave 4 million euros to a UN fund that supplies resources to the rebel area in Syria. According to Minister Gennez, it is important that we continue to maintain the solidarity of the first days and weeks. “We must not forget the Syrian people,” emphasizes Gennez.

After the earthquakes, the EU immediately sent support on the ground, such as search and rescue teams, medical teams, medicines, shelter, etc. In total, almost EUR 12 million was released in humanitarian aid to address immediate needs in Turkey, and EUR 10 million in aid to the Syrian victims. As is known, our country sent a large field hospital to the scene.