Twelve years after her Eurovision debacle, Sieneke Peeters is taking a different tack. The singer, known for the horrible song Sha-La-Lie, wants to find the depth within herself.

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    It has been twelve years since our country was ravaged for months by the Eurovision song by Sieneke Peeters: ‘Sha-la-lie sha-la-la, sha-la-lie sha-la-la, it doesn’t matter to me’ one cup.’ Only three years later Anouk put an end to the annual humiliation of the Netherlands at the song festival.

    Sieneke is looking for depth

    How is Sieneke doing now? Fine, although she herself is now done with those mindless songs. “When I went to the Eurovision Song Contest for the Netherlands in 2010, I was of course only eighteen. I also sang the life song then, but the songs weren’t about too heavy things,” she explains in Party magazine.

    Sieneke apologizes for the level of her singles. “It didn’t suit me at that age, something that kept my songs very light and were about things like a first kiss, a first holiday love… Over the years it has remained a bit like that, even if a single like Donkere Dagen a bit heavier.”

    Still busy

    Ah, Dark Days. What a classic. Her mother and aunt can already sing him along. What’s next? “My songs could have a little more depth, so that I can sing the real life song.”

    We are curious. When can we expect that? “When a number of pieces are ready, I will go with the team that supports me as a singer to see which song will float to the top and will become the new single in the fall. I turned thirty in April and that means it can all be a bit more mature and serious in terms of text.”

    Video clip

    Sieneke’s last cracker: