The hangover the day after the summit between ERC and Together gave rise to a curious coincidence between both parties: the two forces believe that the ball is in the opponent’s court. But with different nuances. Thus, while the Republicans are, above all, expectant, in the post-convergence field, the general secretary of Junts, Jordi Turullclaimed, in the party executive, unity between the two great sectors of the force, those who come from the CDC/CiU political school and those whose origins lie in pro-independence activism, in order to be able to negotiate with Esquerra and have the capacity to pressure them, according to several sources. Others add that the faction of Laura Borras is satisfied with the way out of the Government that takes the matter and also has the endorsement of the ‘ex-president’ Carlos Puigdemont. “Turull is trapped by his own decision to issue an ultimatum,” a source concludes.

    A structured ultimatum three demands. The creation of a strategic coordination of the ‘procés’, the unity of action of the parliamentary groups in Madrid and the reconversion of the dialogue table so that it focuses only on amnesty and self-determination, “not on Rodalies”. Of the three points, according to post-convergence sources, the priority is the Madrid flank, little less than achieving that the current parliamentary groups of ERC (13 deputies) Y Together (4 seats) become, in practice and in terms of the relationship with the State, a single voice with representatives. Republicans understand that postconvergents are trying to thus gain influence and decision-making power that the ballot box has not given them.

    Esquerra believes that Junts “wants to make trouble in the Government to hide its internal war”

    Suffice it to recall what was said by Oriol Junqueraslast Saturday, in an interview with EL PERIÓDICO: He was convinced that “this coordination is based on respecting the democratic majority”. According to sources present at the summit on Wednesday, Junts demanded that the ERC take into account that in Parliament there are 33 and 32, and that the government’s action must reflect this.

    The priority of the postconvergents is to start coordination with the ERC to gain weight in Madrid

    The ‘consellers’ and the table

    Between the departure of Junts from the Government’s lineup for the negotiating table -after vetoing the ‘president’ Pere Aragones that the representatives of the party were not members, in turn, of the Government-, until the day of the ultimatum, the ‘activist’ sector commanded by Borràs has sharply criticized the Executiu for gradually abandoning, they pointed out, the path to independence. Now, Junts sources point out that they are willing to retouch the delegation so that only ‘ministers’ attend provided that it is agreed that they will only talk about how to vote again in a referendum and a solution for those who have had or continue to have open court cases due to the convulsive fall of 2017.

    It is in this context that ERC understands that Junts’ ‘take it or leave it’ is nothing more than “a flight forward, an externalization to the Government of the internal problems they suffer”. Some problems that are aggravated when the ANC -which this Thursday collided with Junts because it did not buy the DUI plan in 2023 either- touts its plan to attend the elections with its own civic list. The ghost of the split is gaining strength. And before this, ERC has transferred that they will not give in to the demands. Thus, turning the ultimatum into a “boomerang”, as defined by a senior ERC official and another from Junts agreed.

    “Turull no longer controls what will happen, it totally depends on Aragonès”, point out sources from the Government. To all this we must add that the party has committed to a consultation with the bases on whether or not to leave the Government, with which the risk of rupture exists. Turull has a goldsmith’s task before him: try to find a discreet solution with ERC, that can satisfy Borràs and that the bases do not see as a transfer to the Republicans. The secretary general, say his own, is carrying out an intelligent management, but this time the tension is such that even the most optimistic ‘ministers’ show his concern.

    The internal tension in Junts is such that even the most optimistic ‘consellers’ are worried

    The bridges

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    To obtain this concession, Turull counts in his favor on the good relationship that he established with the president of the ERC, throughout the period of imprisonment, and the excellent understanding that he demonstrated with the republican general secretary when he was the president of the Junts parliamentary group pel Yes and, she, the spokesperson.

    In JxCat they fear that, despite an exit from the Government, ERC intends to endure the rest of the legislature

    The fear of the party sector of not leaving the Government is “to stay out for months because, they suspect, the ERC would not call elections but would continue to govern, trying to exhaust the legislature.” Aragonès, this Thursday, already warned that his plan was to exhaust the legislature and not go to elections until 2025. Until then, the ‘president’ who said “not contemplate the exit” of the post-convergent Government, He asked that the Executiu be allowed to work “without ultimatums”.