08/05/2022 at 20:06


    The Chelsea coach has accepted internally that the club bet on the Barça player

    Tuchel would have only asked for world-class signings, although Barça is not in the business of selling him

    The Chelsea returns to the load in Can Barça. After all the interest that the name of Frankie de Jongnow it seems that there is another one that is of interest in Stamford Bridge, and that is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

    As reported a few days ago, the Chelsea He had identified the FC Barcelona striker as a good reinforcement for his squad next season. Now, according to new information from Sky Sports in Germany, the ‘blue’ coach, Thomas Tuchel, has given the go-ahead to his signingso that Chelsea could officially approach him.

    According to the information, the German technician he has internally asked the London managers that he only wants world-class playersand has criticized that he has too many middle-class footballers in the team.

    Despite all this, Barça’s position on this matter has not changed, and remains convinced not to let the Gabonese striker go in this transfer windowsince he sees him as a guarantee replacement for Robert Lewandowski, presented this Friday before the Barça masses at the Camp Nou.

    Instead, the club looks for a way out for his partner in attack, memphis depaywhich could be close to landing on the Juventus.