The ANVR proposes to have the employees of the companies affiliated with the travel organization work at Schiphol this summer as security guards or baggage handlers. For example, the industry wants to reduce staff shortages at the airport. “Due to the many deletions, we have room to do this,” a spokesperson told

    The ANVR and the trade unions CNV and FNV recognize that a few weeks of training is needed to get started at the airport, but do not see this as an impregnable hurdle. “If those training courses can start now, our staff can be deployed at the airport from the summer holidays,” said the ANVR spokesperson.

    Schiphol has been struggling with staff shortages for some time and that will not be resolved this summer. Although the company is busy with new hires, it has asked airlines to carry fewer passengers in July and August. KLM is solving this by selling fewer tickets, Transavia, TUI and Sunweb are canceling flights.

    “Because of those canceled flights, we have room to help out at Schiphol”, the ANVR said. The spokesperson emphasizes that this is in any case on a voluntary basis and no one is obliged to work at Schiphol.

    FNV does demand that all employees who are seconded can also benefit from the summer bonus that the airport gives to the staff.

    Schiphol says it has received the proposal well. “We are now submitting it to the security companies and handlers,” said a spokesperson.